“Rizzoli & Isles” Subtext Recap (7.10): An Inconvenient Ex-Husband

Previously on Rizzoli & Isles: Jane has to resolve a case. Maura has to spend too much time with Kent. And there was also a duck.

Because of the two-week break, I blissfully forgot that this was the “Maura has a secret husband”episode. But then, oh right, they’re really doing this. *insert audible groan* 


Mama Rizzoli is at Jane’s place. She has brought framed photos to liven up the man cave. Jane takes this rare Maura-less interaction to talk about her mother’s continued anxiety about her job. Is this some sort of veiled talk for Jane’s own anxiety about revealing her relationship with Maura. Because, to be honest, both these issues should have been dealt with ages ago.

Then Maura pops in all hopeful at the sight of them deep in discussion, like, “Oh hai, are we finally having the talk?” But, alas, no. Maura explains her non-presence–because we all know it’s an aberration–by saying she was working late at Hope’s clinic again. But now it’s time for them to go to the crime scene together because it’s physically impossible for them to arrive separately and the whole Boston Police Department knows it.


As Maura and Jane arrive on scene, Maura babbles about how much she loves working at the clinic–but Jane knows she has to come clean. Yes, she got a job offer at the FBI. And, yes, she has been thinking about it. Yeah, I know–if I was Maura I’d be pretty pissed she has been considering such huge life decisions without her, too.

See, this is just like Jane. Maura gets something new in her life she is passionate about and Jane gets passive aggressive about her own news. Maura pretends to be happy for Jane. I mean, don’t get me wrong, she is happy and proud of her girlfriend.  But this is really screwing up her “We retire and move to Maine together where I write mystery novels and you shoot the breeze with the local fishermen all day”-fantasy scenario.


But, after so many years together with Jane, Maura knows her life choices freak outs must be played out to their natural conclusion. So they start brainstorming pros and cons of her taking the FBI job.

Pro: No more late-night work calls.

Con: No more falling into bed together to snuggle after late-night work calls.

Pro: No more chasing vicious criminals into dangerous situations.

Con: No more Jane looking hot chasing vicious criminals into dangerous situations.

Pro: No more people shooting at you.

Con: No guarantee Jane still won’t shoot herself in the stomach, just for old time’s sake.