Ellen Page voices tween pop star Alaska Nebraska on “The Simpsons”

The Simpsons writers have been focusing a lot on Lisa this year, and she’s been one lucky girl. Not only has she shared a Heavenly Creatures-esque friendship with a pal voiced by Emily Blunt, but on this week’s episode, she was able to get up close with tween pop singer Hannah Montana Alaska Nebraska, whose voice you surely recognize as that of actress Ellen Page.

Watch a clip of their meeting:


After working on the show, Yeardley Smith (who voices Lisa) interviews Ellen about her experience, playing someone who is “mean to Lisa Simpson.”


OK, it’s a little gushy about The Simpsons, as Page admits she’s a “massive fan” of the show, but I appreciated when she actually talked about herself and how she loves to “roller derby” ever since filming Whip It!.

I always enjoy watching interviews like this, between people who just finished working together and are trying to relate on a normal level (as normal as possible while on camera, anyway). And after watching her be so gracious and composed yet funny and cool, I have to admit my Ellen Page crush is officially in full effect.