Good news for “Old Christine”

The New Adventures of Old Christine is a show that I don’t watch regularly, but like to marathon-view periodically. Whenever I do, I wonder why I don’t watch it regularly. Especially since it stars two of the funniest women on TV: Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Wanda Sykes.

A lot of people seem to forget about the show, which, unfortunately, leads to uncertainty about renewal this time of year.

But ABC has a crush on Old Christine and has offered to pick up the show if CBS fails to renew it for a fifth season. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ABC and Warner Brothers TV have agreed to a deal that guarantees Old Christine a full-season order if CBS doesn’t pick it up.

Even if the series weren’t as funny as it is, it still would get big points with me for its support of LGBT rights. In the season opener, for instance, Christine and Barb got married in order to save Barb from deportation.

Although the episode wasn’t perfect, we all cheered the message that everyone has the right to marry anyone they choose.

A later episode took an even stronger stance, when Megan Mullally guest-starred as Margaret, a rep from the company that owns Christine and Barb’s gym, sent to enforce a clause prohibiting same-sex couples, which they broke by getting married.

Instead of caving, Barb and Christine decide to give up the gym — until Margaret makes a pass at Christine.

The episode won a GLAAD Media Award this year for Outstanding Individual Episode.

Although out lesbian Wanda Sykes has a new Saturday night show coming next season, I’m hopeful that its talk-show format will allow Wanda to keep us laughing on Old Christine. Because seriously, could we ever have enough Wanda Sykes in our lives?

Are you a fan of Christine and Barb’s excellent adventures? What would like to see in future episodes?