Mindy Kaling is poised for world domination, Tina Fey-style

Good news, fans of awesome: Mindy Kaling has her sights set on global domination. Variety reported yesterday that The Office actress/writer/co-executive producer has signed a two-year deal with NBC to develop her own comedy, while continuing to act with and write for the Dunder Mifflin crew.

The Office co-star Rainn Wilson tweeted the news as soon as it hit. "THE OFFICE‘s @mindykaling to develop her own show. Dear Mindy, I want to play ‘Jim’-like guy please."

Kaling tweeted back: "@rainnwilson, first of all, you’re my muse. Secondly, i pictured you more as a sassy black guy who plays crossword puzzles. Into it??"

Luckily the laws of nature don’t allow for more than one Stanley Hudson or Jim Halpert in existence at any given time — and anyway, Kaling wants to develop a show about women, something less workplace documentary, more buddy comedy. She previously wrote the WB pilot Mindy and Brenda about two best friends right out of college, but it didn’t make it far past WB execs.

There is a school of thought that says Tina Fey should be the next president, but with Kaling’s seven-figure deal, in which she’ll write and star in not one NBC comedy, but two, you’ve got to wonder: Is she creeping up on Tina Fey’s absolute power?

She seems to think so. "This is my first step in a Transformers-style way to take over the whole world," Kaling told reporters.

When I think of a planet ruled by Kelly Kapoor, I imagine free celebrity weeklies, mandatory fashion shows at lunch, and awesome interviews in which she says stuff like, "I would like to give my grateful thanks for [you complimenting my dress]. It was kind of a huge drama picking that dress. I usually wear black because it’s the best choice when you’re not a size zero. But at the last minute I was like, screw this, I’m wearing the blue. And I’m glad I did. Although I was scared I would look like Cookie Monster, so I’m glad you complimented it."

In other words, the kind of place it feels safe to raise a child.

No details on what kind of sitcom we can expect from Kaling, but it has to be awesome, right?