Julia Sweeney is working on “Food and the City”

Comedian Julia Sweeney, or It’s Pat as she is known to SNL fans, is writing a pilot about famed food critic Gael Greene.

Julia Sweeney

Gael Greene

The pilot is based upon the critic’s best-selling memoir Insatiable: Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess about her encounters with New York restaurants and New York men. I’m guessing that the pitch is Sex and the City with the “Carrie” writing a food column instead of about sex.

Gale Grenne presenting an award at this year’s Tribeca Film Fest

I have hopes for this show because I think Julia Sweeney is hilarious and Gael Greene is a great New York character. She’s brash and blunt and wears weird hats — all of which can be found in her tell-all book.

I just hope that if the show goes to series that they don’t force Sweeney to cast a bland 20-year-old in the Greene role. I think Patricia Clarkson would be perfect.

Who would you like to see play an eccentric foodie like Gael Greene? And have you been keeping up with the work of Julia Sweeney since she got out of the fat Pat suit?