Starz will continue to “Party Down”

Good news, Starz subscribers: The premium cable channel has picked up Party Down for 10 more episodes.

Fans of the show about Hollywood hopefuls that take jobs as caterers to make ends meet know how great Jane Lynch is as one of the crew (amidst the other fabulous roles played by Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr and Ryan Hanson). However, since Lynch (aka Tina Fey‘s rival for the busiest woman in the entertainment industry) is starring in Fox’s new musical show Glee, her future with Party Down is uncertain. Variety reports that Starz is “holding out hope that the actress can return in some capacity.” Us, too!

The series will pick up production again this summer, and will air sometime in 2010.

Do you watch Party Down? Would you continue to watch if Lynch wasn’t a part of the party?