“Britain’s Next Top Model” poses contestants as lesbians

Britain’s Next Top Model has come up with a never-before seen theme for a photoshoot: Faux girl-on-girl kissing!

Oh wait — we’ve seen this before.

Many times before.

But perhaps we haven’t seen it quite like this, with contestant Chloe being instructed to touch her fellow model Anneliese’s breasts and to look like she likes it. All the while, Chloe complains and acts as if fake kissing her peer for a photograph is something she never expected to do in the modeling industry.

How it is that model hopefuls that go on these shows are completely unaware of the things they might have to do to get paid? Are they completely oblivious to the fact that photoshoots are going to include situations in which you might not be familiar and do not feel comfortable in? Really, Chloe, I think there are much worse situations than pretending to kiss your beautiful friend. I could show her some tarantula-based challenges, or those that involved no clothing and cold water.

Anneliese, on the other hand, said it was fun. She looked like she had fun, too.

Another contestant, Lauren, had to strike a similar pose with her friend Jade. Of the shoot, she told The Sun:

First we were a bit like, “what is this going to be like?” But we soon felt that it was actually quite artistic. Me and Jade get on really well so it wasn’t cringe-worthy for us to get so close. We didn’t have to kiss, we were just told to look interested in each other and be sexy. But we decided to kiss anyway. It wasn’t awkward, it felt like we were doing a job — it wasn’t bad at all.

This is what separates the real models from the model-hopefuls: Willingness to realize kissing another woman is actually “not that bad.” But it was also a little unnerving to me the way the photographer was instructing them. He wasn’t giving them a lot to work work other than “touch that girl’s boobs and look you like it.”

Forced lesbianism for the sake of a good shot? Probably not as fun as the real thing, like when you actually want to kiss another girl.