Lily Tomlin could get her own show

This week’s edition of RWHAT (Rumors We Hope Are True) is one that makes me want to cross my fingers and my toes and all the other body parts that are still flexible enough to move. Here’s a hint:

You guessed! Damn you’re good. According to iMDb News, Lily Tomlin and Kathryn Joosten are negotiating a spin-off for their Desperate Housewives characters. Joosten is a series regular as sardonic neighborhood busybody Karen McCluskey; Tomlin plays her sister Roberta.

So why am I excited about a DH spin-off? Well, besides the obvious Tomlin factor, the McCluskey sisters are a formidable and funny pair that delight in uncovering Wisteria Lane’s dirty little secrets. I’d love to see more of them.

ABC execs want Tomlin and Joosten to anchor a Golden Girls type show, written by DH scribe Marc Cherry (who is not on board yet). While I’m not thrilled about the prospect of a GG clone, my imagination gets downright giddy at the prospect of a seventy-something Hardy Girls dramedy. (It couldn’t be Nancy Drew because a) Nancy was an only child and b) she would never, ever share the lead with anyone.)

Of course, the Golden Girls image begs the question of who the sisters’ roomies might be. Our brother site has a great suggestion — Amy Hill, a.k.a. Margaret Cho’s grandmother in All-American Girl.

My first thought (echoed by some readers) was former Golden Girl Betty White.

White is phenomenal. At 87, she is sharp and witty and downright hilarious. I will watch her in anything.

What do you think about a McCluskey sister series? Would you watch a sit-com featuring older women? Who should play Roberta and Karen’s partners in crime solving?