Tidbits from “Carmilla,” Gillian Anderson and more at Fan Expo Canada

One of those characters, Martha Jones, was played by Freema Agyeman, who was also at the convention and who we’re loving right now as the unabashedly queer Amanita on Sense8. Freema started off by taking a crowd selfie and quickly got into how much she’s enjoying her awesome hairstyle on the show. Us too!


One thing I didn’t know about Freema is how big a fan of The Wachowskis she is and how close we all came to not seeing her dream of working with them come true. It turns out her then-role on The Carrie Diaries presented a scheduling conflict, but things, fortunately, worked out (except for The Carrie Diaries, which didn’t get picked up for a third season).

Her role as Amanita is also the first time she’s ever played someone in a romantic relationship on a show, period. So one of our favorite scenes on the show is also her first sex scene and nude scene too.

Freema also opened up about who Nomi and Amanita represent for the series queer co-creator, Lana Wachowski. “With Nomi, with Jamie Clayton’s character, Lana Wachowski is putting a lot of her own experiences into that character,” she said. “My character, Amanita, was based quite heavily on her partner, Karin Winslow.”

“So some days are hard because when you as an artist are pouring so much of yourself and reopening old wounds, there’s a lot of emotion. So there’s a lot of tears when we’re shooting.”

Could Freema have some company on Netflix sometime soon? Hayley Atwell seems to think it’s a possibility.

“I’m not entirely convinced it is over, to be honest,” said Hayley of Agent Carter during her panel. “I think it’s got every chance of finding a home somewhere else, whether it’s on a Netflix channel or something like that. And I’d be more than happy to bring her back.”

That includes a spin-off movie as well. All this means we might have some more Cartinelli in the future. And on that, kudos to the person who yelled out “Cartinelli” and made Hayley chuckle. “I would definitely have liked to see Angie come back.”


“They’re very, very different, and they shouldn’t in some ways have anything in common,” she said. “But remarkably, you know, Peggy needs Angie. Because Angie is, she’s not afraid of friendship, she’s not afraid of emotional connection, and she’s funny, and she’s lighthearted and she sees the world in a different way that I think makes Peggy feel quite safe.”

I saw Hayley at Fan Expo last year, and I can tell you she was just as amazing then.