Tidbits from “Carmilla,” Gillian Anderson and more at Fan Expo Canada

Another lady who was back for more this year was Gillian Anderson. Her dry humor was also pretty consistent.


Somewhat forgetful and very chill, Gillian didn’t even blink when a guy told her about the Scully tattoo he had done on his thigh. Apparently she gets that a lot.

What did get her going was the guy who interrupted her story and had the audacity to flip her off. Dude! Last year I was more than a little apprehensive about how she would handle questions about her being bisexual (by the way, she is not hostile to the question) and you’re giving her the bird?! What’s it feel like to have hundreds of people direct their anger your way? Also, you’re a jackass.

She did get to talk about her projects, too, though, including The Fall (where she plays bisexual Stella Gibson) and, of course, The X-Files. Here’s what she had to say about her characters in both:

“I like Stella a lot. She’s one of my favorite characters to play. I feel like there’s lots of me in her but there’s a lot of her that’s not me at all.”

On Scully: “She’s quite a square, and I’m not. But I like her.” Agreed.


Then as per the usual for her panel appearances, Gillian auctioned off the T-shirt she was wearing (including signing it and allowing for a meet-and-greet) for charity. It eventually sold for $2,100 CAD, but not before a bidding war commenced and someone suggested she auction off her skirt. And then my mind was blown. It turns out a Twitter account had been created just a few hours earlier for that very same skirt, which Gillian had been wearing for days at back-to-back conventions, including the day after this talk. It seems Gillian Anderson only owns one skirt, and you can follow it here.

Oh, and Gillian is “maybe” open to the idea of working with Kate McKinnon. A little more enthusiasm Gillian, please.

Despite not a ton of costumes, there must have been a running Ghostbusters theme at Fan Expo this year because two members of the Carmilla cast said they wish Leslie Jones could’ve been a guest star.


And speaking of the Carmilla panel, so many emotions! I mean, that really was a lot of the panel, talking about what an emotional ride filming what they knew would be the last season was. We also got to see the Season 3 trailer for the first time and talk about how awesome it is that Veronica Mars’ dad Enrico Colantoni is playing Papa Hollis in the new season.

But what about Hollstein in the new season?

“I think Season 3 is very much about what a relationship is and what it can be,” said Natasha Negovanlis. “It doesn’t have to subscribe to one particular thing. There is no definition of what girlfriend and girlfriend should be.”



Everyone’s also pretty happy with their wardrobe for Season 3, including Sharon Belle and her “cool leather harness thing.” You know, sometimes things should be exactly what they sound like.

Also, a shout-out to the Lexa fangirl who asked if we need to worry about any queer deaths this season. “I don’t know if you noticed this about Season 2, but everyone that died came back to life,” responded Elise Bauman.

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