Tidbits from “Carmilla,” Gillian Anderson and more at Fan Expo Canada

In Wynonna Earp, the dead don’t usually get so lucky, but we love the show because as someone in the audience screamed, “All the lesbians survive!”

“That’s all I want on my tombstone. My ancestors are going to be confused but proud,” said showrunner Emily Andras. She then reiterated that even before #BuryYourGays became a topic of discussion, she knew she wasn’t going to kill off the queer women on her show.

“Regardless of the fact that it’s about representation, it’s also still about individuals,” she said of WayHaught’s popularity. “I think it’s about Dom and Kat. Right? We can all agree with that? That it’s about these two incredible actresses making these two characters feel like real people having this incredible, real relationship.”

And while Katherine Barrell couldn’t be there, Dominique Provost-Chalkley unexpectedly was! Oh, the silence that fell over that room just to take her English accent in.

What about her new hair color though? It did beg the question that was raised: is she already prepping for a Dark Waverly? Of course, we never did get that answer.

But when asked what advice she has for her character, Dominique said the following: “I would say like follow your heart and just do some stuff for you for a bit.” Or someone…

Then thinking better, she corrected herself: “Well obviously I would’ve given her the advice to not touch the tentacle goo.” As they’d say on Family Feud (so appropriate here), “Good answer!”

Best convention north of the border, right? Oh, and I went to an LGBTQ speed dating session, which was admittedly very fast, but interesting. Hey, if I’m still this damn single by this time next year, I’ll be back. Really, I just want to go back to Fan Expo pronto.