MTV’s “Fashion Strip” is far from reality

Remember when MILF Island was the most preposterous show you’d ever heard of? Well, not anymore. MTV’s new reality series Fashion Strip asks female contestants to strip, and then drops them down a chute if they can’t successfully put themselves back together in the styles of, say, Katy Perry or Gossip Girl.

Sadly, this is not Fake Gay News. Movieline posted a first-hand account of a Fashion Strip taping, and it is as ridiculous as you’re imagining.

At one point, the girl who was “dropped,” a sorta plus-size girl who the judges repeatedly berated for having gigantic breasts, was seriously injured (I mean, how could anyone not be? they’re falling unexpectedly in high heels, as per Eva Pigford’s fashion rules — any girl who wears flats is not going to get the menz! Though I question Pigford’s authority in that arena). All we heard was a scream and then an anguished admonishment: “This is the most boneheaded idea EVER!”

You think? I wonder what that pitch meeting looked like?

The show bills itself as the “fashion Price is Right,” calling people down from the audience to undress for the judges, and then outfit themselves in a particular style with the clothes provided by the show. Of course it’s MTV, so “audience” actually means “pre-selected models.”

I tracked down the casting call for Fashion Strip. The going rate for getting naked, ridiculed, and dropped to your demise below the stage — all in front of a live studio audience! — is a hundred bucks. If you win, though, you get a $5,000 gift card to H&M. (Not that you’ll be able to enjoy your shopping spree, what with worrying that the fitting room floor is going to open up and swallow you at any second.)

Whatever adjective you use to label this catastrophe, I’m guessing it’s not “aspirational, enterprising and empowering,” which is the way MTV described its new lineup.

I think every reality show should take its slogan from 30 Rock. MILF Island was “20 super-hot moms, 50 kids and no rules.” For Fashion Victim I’m thinking, “Shut it down! Deal breaker!”

Do you have a better idea?