Katherine Moennig’s new series “Three Rivers” gets the green light

We didn’t have to go too long without seeing Katherine Moennig on our television screens. The L Word actress is starring alongside Julia Ormond and Alex O’Laughlin in the new CBS series, Three Rivers.

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that CBS has just ordered the series to start staffing up in preparation for debuting in the fall (or possibly midseason).

Julia Ormond

Three Rivers is a medical drama written by Carol Barbee, and described as being about “organ transplants seen through three points of view: the doctors, the donors and the recipients.” Moennig plays Dr. Miranda Foster, “a surgical fellow with something to prove (the transplant wing is in her late father’s name)” according to one review of the pilot script.

Autostraddle.com provides more details about Moennig’s character from the pilot script:

At the show’s start Miranda has just left her last gig on bad terms with the head of surgery who banished her from the OR ’cause of her fiery volatile personality and cursing/mouthing off during a procurement (Miranda blames this on a bad period following her Dad’s death, re-states desire to be a good doctor, also argues that she was right in the situation to be upset, puts the patient first at all costs, etc.). Miranda’s intelligence is appropriately shaded by an unshakable ethical core. She yells but it is for! the! good of the patient! Like Shane, Miranda is self-destructive and tattooed and loyal to the bone.

Also coming up for Moennig is the film Everybody’s Fine, in which she plays opposite Robert DeNiro, Drew Barrymore and Kate Beckinsale. The movie is remake of the 1990 Italian film, Stanno tutti bene and centers around a father attempting to connect with his dysfunctional children.

Kate Beckinsale

Will you be watching for Kate in her post-L Word career?