TV Alert: “Glee” premieres tonight

I can’t think of a better name for a Jane Lynch series than Glee.

If, somehow, you have missed news of this hour-long comedy, in which Lynch plays a demanding cheerleading coach (squee!), stop right now and go read Stunt Double’s post about it. Then set your DVR for 9 p.m. tonight to see the Glee premiere, right after American Idol.

Yep, a cheerleading coach means cheerleaders. Win-win.

Lynch told the New York Times that her role of Sue Sylvester is a way for the writers to express a hidden characteristic of themselves:

Ryan [Murphy] and Ian Brennan and Brad Falchuk took their inner mean girl and created Sue Sylvester. And I get to say the most heinous things. This episode that we’re doing now, it’s like episode 8, I actually have a moment that will hopefully tug at the heart strings. And Ryan said, “You just bought yourself six more episodes of heinous behavior.”

For Jane Lynch, of course, heinous = hilarious. She also shows us some of that swagger that we loved so much in Joyce Wischnia.


Sue is like the culmination of all the power-abusive people I’ve played. She could be viewed as almost pure evil. Hopefully you’re laughing at her, too. She really wraps herself around how mean she can be. She’ll walk by a kid with books, and knock them down, just to knock them down.

Any show with Jane Lynch is a winner in my book, but just in case you’re wondering if Glee is any good, here’s what the LA Times had to say:

The only real problem with Glee, Fox’s new musical comedy, which premieres tonight, is that viewers will have to wait four whole months for the next episode.

Will you be watching? If so, come back after you see it and let us know what you think.