Wanda Sykes is over Republicans this election

Wanda Sykes is not interested in hearing or seeing anything further from Republicans this election, especially if it involves their dicks. (We’re with you, Wanda!) This new clip from the out comic’s upcoming Epix comedy special What Happened… Ms Sykes? has us dying for more of her intelligent humor, but we’ll have to wait until October 21 to see the whole thing. 

Until then, check out Wanda’s chat with The Daily Beast where she touches on mixing material about motherhood and marriage with political commentary, as well as her unfiltered thoughts on Donald Trump. A quote:

“…it’s all the things he’s said about President Obama and all the things he’s said about women and what he’s saying about immigrants. It’s a multitude of things he’s said that will turn off African-Americans. And then to try to talk to African-Americans as if we’re just this homogenous group. He was saying, ‘the immigrants, they’re coming and they take these jobs and they’re jobs that you should be doing.’ And I’m like, did this motherfucker really just say that I should be somewhere cleaning a hotel room? Fuck you!”

Wanda Sykes for President.