Where’s the magic in ABC’s “Eastwick”?

Imagine a show about three gorgeous women who discover they are witches.

No, not that show. I’m talking about Eastwick, ABC’s new show based on the John Updike book and movie of the same name, The Witches of Eastwick.

I admit that I tend to watch any show about witchy women, probably because I wish I had magic powers. But early reviews of Eastwick have not been kind. And if the lack of chemistry and stiff acting in this clip is representative of the series, I can see why.

Being a normal lesbian woman, I believe that any show starring Rebecca Romijn (Roxie), Lindsay Price (Joanna) and Jamie Ray Newman (Kat) deserves a chance to succeed, purely in terms of female watchability.

But personally, I’m not up for a Desperate Housewives or Lipstick Jungle clone. Nor am I thrilled about the prospect of watching yet another show in which women sit around the kitchen table discussing penis size and submit themselves to an “enigmatic stranger,” especially one as arrogant and unlikable as Darryl Van Horne (Paul Gross, who was wonderful in Due South).

Here’s the trailer.

Granted, if Roxie, Joanna and Kat spend a lot of time dancing around in that fountain, I’ll probably make room for Eastwick on my DVR.

But I need a little more than what I’ve seen so far before I’ll commit.

What do you think of Eastwick so far? Will you give the show a chance?