The Top 8 Worst Names/Nicknames of Lesbian Characters

There are some lesbian-themed films where the names just work (Luce from Imagine Me and You, Graham from But I’m a Cheerleader); and in other instances, the nicknames just fall flat in an attempt to be cute or sometimes butcher than the character’s real first name.

Here are some of our favorite least favorite nicknames in lesbian film and television:

Gina Gershon as Corky (Bound)

Perhaps it’s her character’s real name (we’ll never know), but something tells me that her mother didn’t name her Corky. It was pretty much the only thing I didn’t like about her, because I really, really enjoyed her attire.

Laurel Holloman as Randy Dean (The Incredibly True Adventures of 2 Girls in Love)

It’s like naming your baby Jeeves and being surprised when he grows up to be a butler: Randy Dean, you were named to become a lesbian.

Chastity Bono as Scorp (Bar Girls)

It was 1994, and Chastity had just come out. The rite of passage: A character with a horribly bizarre nickname akin to an insect abbreviation.

LaTanya Richardson as Judge Attalah “Queenie” Sims (A&E’s series 100 Centre St.)

A judge whose nickname sounded more like the name of a pet chihuahua, it just didn’t seem believable for Richardon’s character to be referred to as such. She was so much stronger than her nickname would have you believe.

Heather Graham as Gray (Gray Matters)

A kind of odd film without much character development all around, Graham’s Gray was just a little too “in the grey” to have the name not be taken so literally. It was just too cheesy.

Piper Perabo as Pauline “Paulie” Oster (Lost and Delirious)

If co-star Mischa Barton‘s character Mouse had been a lesbian, she would have come out on top. Instead, Pauline being shortened to Paulie takes the cake for that film.

Deak Evgenikos as Meat (The Itty Bitty Titty Committee)

She may have been a minor character, but the name is unforgettable (unfortunately). I just want to know why she had to be named Meat. Anyone?

Janina Ganvakar as Eva “Papi” Torres (The L Word)

Were the writers just lazy or really out of touch when they named the new Latina character Papi? Poor Janina — she never had a chance.

Are there any others that really make you cringe?