Someone on “Nurse Jackie” has two mommies

One of our favorite lesbian moms alerted us to one more reason to watch the new Showtime series, Nurse Jackie.

Turns out that one of the regular characters, Dr. Fitch “Call Me Coop” Cooper (Peter Facinelli) has two mommies.

Best of all, the lesbian moms, who first appear in Episode 6, are played by Swoosie Kurtz and Blythe Danner.

Kurtz, a long-time Friend o’ The Gays, certainly is no newbie at playing a lesbian. Most recently, she appeared as the Official Sweeps Lesbian for Desperate Housewives. She also plays Quentin Crisp’s lesbian manager Connie Clausen in An Englishmen in New York, which costars Cynthia Nixon.

Danner, who is, of course, Gwyneth Paltrow’s mom, hasn’t played a lesbian in my recollection (which means little), but being Kate Moennig’s aunt makes her almost a lesbian mom. No, Kate hasn’t come out. Yet.

As Dana points out on, Coop may be the first adult character with lesbian moms that we’ve seen on TV. Although Dr. Cooper wasn’t exactly loveable in the Nurse Jackie premiere — he grabs women’s breasts when he’s anxious, claiming “something like Tourette’s Syndrome”— Facinelli finds the role sympathetic:

I played him as a kind of puppy dog who wags his tail and wants everyone to like him — but he’s stuck in a room full of people who hate dogs.

I suspect that Coop will end up being one of the good guys. At least I hope so. And given the fact that out lesbians Linda Wallem and Liz Bixius are writing Nurse Jackie, the chances are good that even if the doctor is a mess, his problems won’t be pinned on his moms’ sexual orientation.

If you haven’t seen Nurse Jackie yet, you can catch it online or Monday nights on Showtime right after Weeds. If you have, let us know how you like it. Does the addition of lesbian moms make a difference in your opinion of the show?