“Burn Notice” recruits Tyne Daly

Let’s play Lesbian Password. The clue is “Cagney.”

If your response was anything but “Lacey,” your lesbian cred is in serious jeopardy.

Let’s reminisce.


In the 25-plus years since Cagney and Lacey were our dream cops, Tyne Daly and Sharon Gless have both stayed busy.

Daly starred in Christy and Judging Amy and was nominated for a Tony for her role in Rabbit Hole.

Gless starred in The Trials of Rosie O’Neill and Queer as Folk, was nominated for an Emmy for her guest role on Nip/Tuck and currently plays Madeline in USA’s fantastic hit Burn Notice.

Daly and Gless remain good friends and have a lot of fun when they appear together. (If you haven’t seen the clip of them on The Graham Norton Show from a few years ago, watch it here. You won’t be sorry.) And we, of course, are delighted at any opportunity to see the two women who stirred up so many feelings that we couldn’t quite identify.

At the beginning of Season 2 of Burn Notice last year, Gless caused a ripple of glee in Sapphic circles when she dropped the hint that she wanted Daly on the show:

Tyne is very funny and I said, “She can play my sister.” Tyne smokes Camels unfiltered, so … The two of us could be doing this scene where we’re coming into the house and Michael comes in and he hates smoking. Hates it. And it would be very funny, because you can’t see anything in the house because it’s the two of us in there [mimes smoking].

Tyne said, “I’d love it. I’ll do it, but I want to play her mute.” Only Tyne Daly! And believe me, she’ll steal the show.

Nothing seemed to come of the comment &mdsah; until this week. Michael Ausiello reported this week that Burn Notice producers indeed are trying to get Daly to appear with Gless on an episode to air in early 2010.

No word whether she will play Madeline’s sister or not, but I’m keeping my trigger fingers crossed for the duo to go on a special mission with Gabrielle Anwar.

I feel some fanfic coming on.

Are you a Burn Notice fan? What role would you like to see Tyne Daly play?