Stephanie March gives us more Alex Cabot

Law and Order: SVU fans — and everyone else who enjoys the magnificence of Mariska Hargitay — have been on pins and needles waiting to hear whether she is returning next season.

Although negotiations are still in progress with Hargitay and costar Chris Meloni, Michael Ausiello delivered some SVU news Thursday that will keep me tuning in: Stephanie March has signed a new contract that brings the world’s hottest ADA, Alex Cabot, back for at least 10 episodes.

Just in case you missed the memo, this is the same Stephanie March who told reporters in February that Alex might not be a “men only” kind of woman. March caused many of us to feel that telltale little tingle with her answer to the question of whether Alex and Olivia (Hargitay) are in love: “I’m not saying we’re not… I’m not saying we’re not in love.” (Read Sarah Warn’s blog about it here.)

As Sarah said, the likelihood of our seeing Alex/Olivia (Alexiva? Olex?) on screen is slim. But I do have a casting suggestion. Bring in Tina. I mean, the thought of Alex Cabot trying to convict Liz Lemon of oh, say, impersonating a lesbian would be damn good TV.

Who’s with me?