Life After The “Real L Word” Four Years Later: Where Are They Now?

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

While Charles Dickens’ opening line in a Tale of Two Cities  has evolved into an awful cliché, I can’t think of a better way to describe The Real L Word than by saying, “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

It’s crazy to realize, but it’s almost been five years since the show every queer woman loved to hate took its last breath. It seems like just yesterday Ilene Chaiken gifted us as well as cursed us with a show we’re still trying to reconcile – a sentiment the cast itself also seems to share.

Just recently, I corralled my girlfriend into watching ALL THREE SEASONS of the show, a decision which brought back fond memories as well as a minor case of PTSD.

Since bingeing the series in the span of a just few days, I’ve done some major creeping to find out what these ladies have been up to since the Real L Word‘s cancellation. There isn’t a LinkedIn profile or Instagram account I haven’t stalked, so prepare yourselves.

Season 1

Whitney Mixter & Sada Bettencourt

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Whitney is where the Real L Word started and ended.

Following the series’ finale in which Whit married Sara, the 34-year-old ditched her dreads and moved to San Francisco to pursue a job as a realtor for Zopa Realty Group. Mixter also maintains her celesbian status by hosting and promoting parties for Juicy Club LA.

As for Whit’s marriage to Sara, it’s unclear how they’re doing since their stint on Vh1’s Couple’s Therapy in 2014. While the two haven’t posted about each other on social media in a long time, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re broken up. Fingers crossed these two are still living the dream together!

Jill & Nikki Weiss-Goldstein

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Photo: Instagram

I’m happy to report Nikki and Jill popped out another gorgeous baby since we last caught up with them in 2014.

The couple’s latest addition, Grey Goldstein, arrived a year ago to the delight of his big brother Adler Goldstein. It’s clear the pair could not be more thrilled to be the moms of two boys.

While parenting takes up the bulk of the Nikki and Jill’s time, they’re still killing it in the entertainment business. Just recently, the pair starred in a commercial for Campbell’s Soup for the company’s #RealRealLife campaign. You can watch the spot HERE.

As for Nikki’s company, Nikki Weiss & Co., it looks like it’s still going strong. Not to mention the couple’s “passion project” on sexual fluidity is in the casting process as of October 15 — it’s a big step considering they first brought up the idea on the show. It’ll be interesting to see how the project turns out!

Rose Garcia

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

When we last checked in with Rose, she admitted to doing a lot of personal work since her time on the show and her breakup with Natalie. All I can say is, I’m glad, considering I can still hear echoes of Rose and Natalie’s endless arguing since my binge session.

On a more positive note, Rose is still excelling as a top realtor in Los Angeles and she’s also in a happy relationship with a new lady (pictured above). The couple recently celebrated their third anniversary and Ms. Garcia has even hinted at marriage in some of her Instagram posts.

It also appears Rose still hangs out with some of The Real L Word castmates, like Kiyomi. Check out a picture of the pair partying in Oklahoma (plot twist!) over the weekend:

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Side note — the post’s comments suggests Sada and Romi’s falling out is resolved. Time heals all wounds, people.

Natalie Hornedo

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Photo: Instagram

I’m pleased to report Natalie is in a new and successful relationship which seems to be longterm. Hornedo continues to work as a hairstylist — she’s currently employed at the Tamara Dahill Salon in Toluca Lake.

Tracy Ryerson & Stamie Karakasidis

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Who doesn’t love Tracy and Stamie?

Since moving on from the series, the pair gave the podcast world a go but ultimately discontinued the Tracy & Stamie Show in 2015.

As for Ryerson, she just landed an impressive gig working as the head of TV for Nikki Reed and Ian Somerholder’s production company, Rare Bird Productions. Stamie still works as a realtor and pursues her comedy on the side.

P.S. I can’t get over how big Stamie’s three kids have become!

Romi Klinger

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.40.02 AM

Surprise! On June 1st, 2016, Romi gave birth to a little baby girl named Frankie Marie Imbelli. The baby’s dad is the 34-year-old’s husband, chef Charles Imbelli. It seems the two married nine months ago, while the ex-reality star was still pregnant with Frankie.

As for Mrs. Imbelli’s current job, it looks like she’s a full-time mommy to her adorable kiddo. It’s unclear if her jewelry line HIJA por vida is still active considering the company’s Facebook page last post was from June 2011. Her other line Casa Por Vida is still being sold on Love and Pride.

Here’s to hoping Romi has finally found happiness!

Alyssa Morgan

Photo: Alyssa Morgan
Photo: Alyssa Morgan

Ah, our consistent voice of reason AKA Alyssa.

According to Instagram, Morgan and Whitney are still collaborating on a professional level as she JUST revealed the pair will be working on a new show called The Wood. All I know is, it’s currently shooting and it will be a comedy.

Season 2

Kelsey Chavarria

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 10.47.18 AM

While Kelsey was better known as Romi’s on-and-off girlfriend on the series, she has gone out of her way to make a name for herself following the show’s demise.

Over the past few years, Kelsey has worked hard to establish herself as a filmmaker, most recently working on a documentary on child abuse called Fallen Butterflies. The artist is currently in a longterm relationship with a woman named Lauren.

Sajdah Bryant

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

Sometimes when I look at Sadjah’s impressive resume I wonder what the hell am I doing with my life.

Since appearing on the show, Bryant went on to study at Loyola Law School and the University of La Verne College of Business & Public Management. Sadjah is now a tax attorney for a firm in Los Angeles.

Kacy & Cori Boccumini

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

Is there a better partnership than Kacy and Cori?

While the pair have yet to bring a child into this world, they’re still stronger than ever and living life to the fullest. It looks like they’ve spent the past few years enjoying their friends, family, and each other as they recuperate from losing their daughter Charlie Monroe.

Kacy recently wrote a powerful article on the loss for a publication called Context — you can read it HERE.

Mikey Koffman

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Sporting a way more relaxed do these days, Mikey is still making it as the Director of Special Events for Endless Road Entertainment as well as producing *LA FASHION WEEK*. Ms. Koffman continues to have a very active social and professional life in LA since quitting the show.

Season 3

Amanda Leigh Dunn

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.52.35 AM

Now living in Denver with her new girlfriend (pictured left), Amanda is currently the VP of business development for a construction company called Kanler.

Claire Campbell Moseley

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.41.14 AM

Since marrying her wife Leslie O’Harrow Moseley, Claire continues to own and design for O’Harrow Clothiers. Claire also just landed a gig as a freelance producer for REVOLVE clothing. While Moseley and her wife previously lived in Silver Lake, it looks like they’re now shacking up in Highland Park.

Kiyomi McCloskey

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.53.43 AM

Kiyomi is still living in New York and remains actively dedicated to Hunter Valentine. The rocker also got a new girlfriend after splitting from Lauren a few years ago and it looks like they’re serious. McCloskey has also worked for the lesbian app HER.

Francine Beppu

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.47.04 AM

Aloha, Francine! The Ms. Beppu is now working as an account executive at KHON-TV, a station in Honolulu, Hawaii. While it’s unclear if Francie is dating anyone new, it looks like she’s really loving life on the Big Island.

Lauren Russell

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 9.38.10 AM

After a few years jet setting between New York and Los Angeles, Lauren is back in LA once again. Russell continues to own LYON Fine Jewelery, which you can check out HERE. The designer has also been vocal in politics — most recently she participated in protests against president-elect Donald Trump. She also starred in the documentary film project “Girl on Girl,” by Jodi Savitz, about feminine lesbian invisibility.

Laura Petracca

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

In a surprise twist, Laura is now employed as a chef at Leña Restaurante in Toronto. The drummer, who is still apart of Hunter Valentine, often posts amazing shots of her culinary creations to Instagram.

Vero Sanchez

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 10.00.38 AM

Isn’t there’s just something about Vero? I remember her fondly as the stabilizing force in Hunter Valentine. As of now, Sanchez is still living Nashville working on her music. Hopefully we hear some solo stuff sooner than later.

Somer Bingham & Donna Rizham

Photo: Showtime
Photo: Showtime

The low-key couple continue to happily raise their two-year-old daughter Ella Riley in New York. Somer is still pursuing music and is currently in the band Clinical Trials.