How to Not: A Web Series

“It starts as so many modern day romances start, all alone at night, half drunk and on the internet.”

In my continual quest to find more great entertainment from around the lezzyweb, I came across this young woman’s web series, How to Not. The show’s creator, Gia Vangieri, describes the series as “a story about inelegantly chasing that one thing on the road to becoming who you are.” That is, the one thing that might – or at least you think might – make you happy.  Vangieri was kind enough to give AfterEllen a first look at the pilot for FREE (embedded below). Like it? Let her know in in the comments, and be sure to visit her website for more about the project and for new episodes!

(yes, this show takes just a wee bit of time to “lesbian”….wait for it!)