Letter from the Editor

Good Monday Morning AE Readers,

I wanted to take this time to check in with you, and ask for your feedback. I know that some of you have been reading AE for a very long time, even back during the early days when Sarah Warn was editor. If you’re still here, tell me. What did you like most about AE’s early years? What did you not like? As I announced last week in my introduction, I’d really like to get the site back to being closer to what it was during Sarah’s time, while building on what we’ve had over the last few years.  I’d love to hear your thoughts about that.

Thank you for your comments and emails from this past week. I love hearing from you, and getting to know what you’re watching, what music you’re listening to, which great women writers you’re reading, and the issues that presently concern you.

I’ve been enjoying a number of new films, documentaries, and web series that are either already out or scheduled to come out in the new year. In addition to mainstream Hollywood entertainment, I love finding lesser known, independent productions to share with you. A few highlights are “The ‘Other Love Story,” which is a pioneer as India’s first lesbian web series, and “Girl on Girl,” Jodi Savitz’ documentary about feminine lesbian invisibility. Then there are some you may not have heard of before, like the web series “How to Not,”  created by a very young filmmaker, and Chloe Curran’s upcoming series,  “Advocates.” I’m also looking forward to the release of “Almost Adults” from the ladies at the Gay Women Channel. Tucky Williams, creator of the show “Girl/Girl Scene” (on my list to watch again) made her second web series, “Dagger Kiss,” an interesting combination of fantasy and sci-fi.

And then there are the T.V. shows coming up. Yes, AE will be doing recaps! We’ve got “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Supergirl,” “Wynonna Earp,” and a few others thus far, and I’ll be adding more by request. Which ones are you most looking forward to in 2017? Will we be seeing any more “Wentworth?” I hope so.

What have I missed?

Have a wonderful week everyone,