Why is “House” the most popular show in the world?

There are few awards and titles given out in life that seem fair, but when House was named the “world’s most popular TV show” of 2008 I was able to give a hearty, “Hell yeah” and think that maybe, just maybe, world peace can be attained. It begs the question though, why is this mean-spirited, drug-addicted doctor the one things we can all agree on?

I’m not going to lie: I just recently started my House addiction because my girlfriend no longer allows me to watch The Real World or anything having to do with VH1’s New York. It helps that there are marathons of the medical dramedy pretty much every weekend along with regular showings throughout the week, but I simply can’t get enough. I was never a fan of ER or Grey’s Anatomy so why would I enjoy this so much?

Differential Diagnosis

Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory House is perfect. He’s a terrible boss, he pops Vicotin like they’re Tic Tacs and he crosses every line that stands before him,
He combines the roles of medical genius, snarky d-bag and nut just waiting to be cracked so well that it’s hard to take your eyes off of him. Also, as far as guys go, he’s kind of sexy (even if he needs to trim his nails, badly — trust me on this one).

Lisa Edelstein as Dr. Cuddy — House’s sparring partner for all things medical and sexual. While most of us in AfterEllen.com land seem to give a good deal of lip service to the gorgeousness that is Olivia Wilde, I’d give my left pinky to have Lisa Edelstein swab my tonsils and check for strep. She’s smart, she’s sexy, her skirts always show off her legs while her tops usually have a plunging neckline. Pass the smelling salt, I’m starting to get woozy.

Olivia Wilde as Thirteen. I mean, there’s no getting around it: Olivia Wilde is a sexy beast and her character is smart, tough and has been known to get down with the fairer species. Her bisexual storyline seems like a thing of the past, but I’m still holding out hope she will dump Debbie Downer Dr. Foreman and get back on the lady bandwagon.

Robert Sean Leonard as House’s best friend, Wilson. Three words for you: Dead Poet’s Society. Enough said.

Jennifer Morrison andJesse Spencer as doctors Cameron and Chase. They met as two out of the three residents that started it all and now they’re married. Morrison is nothing to sneeze at in the looks department and Jesse Spencer is an incredibly pretty man with a cute Aussie accent.

Yes, all of these actors/characters make the show so much fun to watch. So I say gather round, friends and neighbors from distant lands. Let’s put down our weapons, pop some popcorn, have some wine and together hope that Thirteen goes back to dating women as we collectively cheer in our different languages. If we watch it, peace will come.