“Australia’s Next Top Model” contestant comes out after the show airs

Speculation about Lola Van Vorst‘s sexuality began from nearly the first photograph she posed for on Australia’s Next Top Model. This week she publicly came out as a lesbian, right after she came out to her mom.

"I was only hesitant about coming out on the show because of my family. I told Mum before it came out in the media. That would be a crap way to find out that your daughter is gay,” she told The Sydney Star Observer.

Van Vorst was not openly gay on this season’s show, but she said that the other contestants knew she was a lesbian:

After the first few weeks the girls did find out on the show but I didn’t want it to be about my sexuality and didn’t want everyone to tune in because of that. The producers were really good about it but I’m sure if they knew they would have focused on that.

You mean reality show producers would have exploited her sexuality for ratings? Inconceivable!

Van Vorst told the Observer that attending a Christian school is what lead to her hanging around in the closet as long as she did. She was taught that lesbians didn’t get into heaven, and that scared her.

I couldn’t deal with my feelings and I tried with boys but it didn’t work. I wish being gay was not an abnormal thing to society and it bothers me that people still have a problem with it — it’s upsetting.

The Top Model contestant has been in the tabloids almost constantly since she was ousted from the show. Most recently, there was a topless photo "scandal" (a former boyfriend sold some pictures of her to the paparazzi).

Now she’s making headlines with her public relationship with Australian model Lyndsay Anne.

Looking back at her time on the show, Van Vorst laughs when she remembers the judges telling her that her walk was a little too masculine.

I was a bit unco on the catwalk and yes, they did say I walked quite masculine. I wanted to say, that’s just because I’m a dyke!

Van Vorst says she hopes to become a TV presenter in the future. Do any of you who watched Australia’s Next Top Model think she has what it takes to succeed in the television industry? Or is Van Vorst just another blip on the reality show radar screen, a lesbian who will be most remembered for making out with Ruby Rose?