Lez Dish it OUT! – AfterEllen Weekly LGBT Round-Up!

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

We made it, you guys! We’re officially one month into the New Year and lady lovin’ news is still going strong!

This week, Kristen Stewart dominated headlines with her new short Come Swim and a resurfaced feud with Donald Trump (because apparently that’s a thing). I also have a sexy update on the actress’ rumored relationship with Stella Maxwell, so buckle up.

Other celesbian cameos this week include Jane Lynch, Tig Notaro, and Ellen Page.

See ya on the flip side, January. You’ve been… interesting.

Kristen Talks Her New Short Come Swim, Feuding With Donald, & Gets Caught Kissing Rumored Girlfriend Stella

Photo: YouTube
Photo: YouTube

Besides being an awful person, Donald also happens to be really WEIRD.

Back in 2012, Trump got on Twitter (shocker!) and called Kristen out for cheating on ex-boyfriend Robert Pattison. The president then publicly advised Robert to find a new girlfriend… because that’s totally normal and 100% his business, right?!

Now that Drumpf is president, a reporter at Sundance decided to remind the actress of the bizarre incident.

Recalling the creepy situation, Kristen joked:

“He was really obsessed with me, which was f***ing crazy. Like what? I can’t even understand it. It’s such far-out concept that I don’t want to believe that actually is happening. It’s insane.”

“Insane”, indeed.

As for her short Come Swim, the 26-year-old admitted the project is all about heartbreak:

“Oh dude, this movie is like full-frontal heartbreak. I’m definitely not shying away from that, that’s absolutely what it’s about. It’s that first fall to this existential netherworld. You can attack yourself with memories or, depending on perspective, you can take a step back and say, ‘Actually, it wasn’t so bad. That was fun, we did have fun and it was nice.’”

While we all know K.Stew has had her fair share of romantic disappointments, it looks like everything is still going great with alleged girlfriend Stella. The two were spotted K-I-S-S-I-N-G in Milan this past week.


Last but not least in your week of Kristen —  she signed on to host SNL next month! Stay tuned for more info.

Hannah Hart Is Honored With A 2017 Youth Media Award

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Congrats, Hannah!

On January 23, Ms. Hart won an Alex Award for her book Buffering: Unshared Tales of a Life Fully Loaded. The lesbian YouTuber was one of the ten recipients to snag the honor recognizing books appealing to “teen audiences”. Considering the award was handsd out by the American Library Association, this marks a big achievement for Hannah.

Here’s to more literary awards for queer women in 2017!

Tim Kaine Officiates Lesbian Wedding The Night Of The Inauguration

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Photo: Twitter

Yep, I’m totally tearing up right now.

On the night of the inauguration, our should have been vice-president officiated the wedding of longtime partners Dea Jones and Sharon McLeod. The newlyweds chose January 20 as their special day to make a statement about equality and love.

Jones said of happy occasion:

“How wonderful it would be on Jan 20th it would be to offer love and light by Sharon and I committing ourselves to each other.”

Take a look at Kaine’s tweet announcing the ceremony below:

I wish Dea and Sharon the best of luck! Love wins!

Jane Lynch To Play The Late Janet Reno In New Discovery Channel Series Manifesto

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While Jane is mostly known for her comedic roles, it looks like she’s ready to flex her acting muscles for a much more serious endeavor. According to multiple outlets, the lesbian icon will play the late Janet Reno in a new Discovery Channel series (Manifesto) about Ted Kaczynski, the infamous terrorist better known as the “Unabomber”. Reno, America’s first female attorney general, was largely responsible for Ted’s capture and conviction.

Filming is set to start on January 30 and the show will premiere sometime in late 2017.

Lush Shares Beautiful Ad Featuring A Same-Sex Couple

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Photo: Lush

I wish Twitter had an option for users to heart things a million times.

In honor of the Women’s March, Lush Cosmetics honored the LGBT community and equality with an ad featuring a same-sex couple. Not only is the photo adorable, but it’s so important in these uncertain times. We need all the allies we can get!

Check out the inspiring tweet below!

Refinery29 To Debut New Web Series Featuring Lesbian & Queer Characters

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Photo: Vimeo

There’s a lot of reasons why I’m excited for  Strangers, a Refinery29 backed web series set to premiere later this year. One, the creator Mia Lidofsky seems incredibly passionate about the project and that’s ALWAYS a good sign. Two, everyone involved in the series have worked on pretty awesome shows and movies (Girls, The Comeback, Rabbit Hole). Lastly, the plot is chock full of lady lovin’ ladies.

Here’s the short of it — Strangers tells the story Isobel Song (Zoe Chao), a woman who is freshly single after cheating on her boyfriend with another woman. As Isobel unfurls the layers of her sexuality, she rents out one of her bedrooms on Airbnb, an experience which alters the course of her life in unexpected ways. Along for the ride is Song’s best friend, an “adrogynous” lesbian named Cam (Michelle Hagner).

Elaborating on her motivation to create the series, Lidofsky explained:

“I really wanted to see more people like myself on screen and I also wanted to explore the idea of bisexuality which has such a small presence and is often so dismissed.”

Additional fun fact: Mia’s girlfriend, Celia Rowlson-Hall, directed a few of the episodes.

Tig Notaro Celebrates Ellen DeGeneres’ Birthday With New Material

Photo: Showtime
Photo: Showtime

I love, love, love Tig Notaro. While Tig has been a bit busy with her newborn twin boys these days, she managed to find some time to write new jokes in honor of Ellen’s b-day (January 26). The comedienne covered everything from having NO SEX EVER post-kids, diarrhea at the pool, and talking with kittens.

Check out the bit below!

Gays Are Keeping America’s Economy Afloat!

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You’re welcome, America.

According to a report from National Gay & Lesbian Chamber Of Commerce, LGBT businesses contributes billions of revenue for America each year — in 2015 alone gays raked in $1.5 billion buckaroos. Not to mention the analysis found our community has created at least 33K jobs over the years, so basically we’re responsible for saving our country from financial ruin.

Moral of the story — the LGBT community continues to kick ass.

Ellen Page Confronts Homophobic Preacher At The Women’s March In D.C.

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Ellen has become notorious for calling homophobes and anti-LGBT politicians out on their shit.

This past Saturday, Page challenged a homophobic preacher while protesting at the Women’s March. The man in question referred  to homosexuality as “demonic” and “toxic”.

Considering the actress is a class act and extremely compassionate, she tried to reason with the preacher.

Watch Ellen’s passionate showdown below:


Marvel Releases Beyonce-Inspired Graphic For LGBT Comic Series

Screen Shot 2017-01-26 at 12.40.35 PM

Remember when we told you about Gabby Rivera’s LGBT comic America Chavez?

Well, this past week Marvel debuted the second cover for the series and it’s 100% Beyonce inspired. Bey goes gay, y’all!

Speaking on the Formation tribute, artist Joe Quinones revealed:

“I realized early on that Gabby and I were both Bey fans and knew we had to homage her in the book. America is a comic that is all about representation, feminism and fighting for what’s right. America Chavez hits hard, looks fabulous and makes no apologies along the way. I could think of no better parallel than Beyoncé. So glad to see it being received so well. See y’all in March!”

Yeah, I think it’s safe to say this comic is going to be flawless.

Ingrid Nilsen Shows Her Support For Women’s Rights

Considering Ingrid interviewed Barack Obama while he was still in office, it’s no surprise this woke YouTube renegade hit the streets of LA in honor of the Women’s March.

View this post on Instagram

Our bodies. Our choices. 👙

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Side note: anyone know where I can get Nilsen’s amazing t-shirt?

P.S. Attention ladies!!! We’re absolutely thrilled to announce our editor-in-chief  Memoree Joelle interviewed  KATE *FUCKING* MOENNIG for your reading pleasure. You can catch the conversation later this afternoon. Enjoy!!!

Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage
Photo: Amanda Edwards/WireImage