Lez Dish It OUT! AfterEllen Weekly LGBT Round-Up!

Photo: NBC, Instagram, Guitar World
Photo: NBC, Instagram, Guitar World

Welp, it’s officially February and here in America the tradition of old white guys terrorizing groundhogs is alive and well.

While poor Punxsutawney Phil (pour one out for all the Phils before him, y’all!) “predicted” six more weeks of winter, I’m happy to report your weekly round-up is pipin’ HOT with celesbian news and interviews. Not only do I have Kristen Stewart’s wonderfully awkward SNL promo for you, but I’ve culled together a few other lady lovin’ gems.

Lez get to it!

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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Engaged

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For those of you who hoped to make Evan your wife one day, I have bad news.

On Tuesday, multiple reports confirmed Wood’s engagement to her Rebel And A Basket Case bandmate Zach Villa. While I had no idea the bisexual actress was in a band to begin with, it looks like these two have been cozy for quite some time.

The pair first sparked engagement rumors back in December when they appeared at the Critics Choice Awards with matching silver bands:

This will be Evan’s second marriage. The mom of one was previously hitched to Jamie Bell for two years.

P.S. Any Rebel And A Basket Case fans out there?

Wanda Sykes Jokes With Ellen DeGeneres About Donald Trump & Parenting Twins

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Wanda is one of the few comedians who can make me laugh out loud. She’s a true a national treasure and deserves all the success in life.

On Tuesday, the hilarious lesbian stopped by Ellen’s show to chat about Donald’s batshit first month as president and how hard it has become to have sexy times with her wife.

P.S. Remember when Sykes made our list of queer women who gave mic-drop quotes on the 2016 election?

Kristen Stewart’s SNL Promo Has Arrived

Photo: NBC
Photo: NBC

YAAAASSS. I’ve been waiting all week for this moment!

As expected, Kristen’s SNL promo was as awkward (and cute) as you’d expect. It seems like the show went out of their to mess with Stewart’s introverted and low-key personality, which is most evident in her bit with comedian Leslie Jones.

Check out the preview clips below!

While I can’t wait to this all unfold, the actress talked to Jimmy Fallon about being a “wuss” about her upcoming appearance:

“For six years I’ve been a total wuss about it, and then I was finally like, at some point you have to bite the bullet, you know… and just fail. t makes you stronger, man!”

May the force be with you, girl!

In other Kristen news, she took girlfriend Stella Maxwell on an adorable amusement park date this past Tuesday:

Ah, famous love.

Eileen Myles Talks Collaborating With Girlfriend Jill Soloway

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There’s nothing better than queer women collaborating on passion projects, especially when the women in question happen to be dating!

According to Myles, she is working with girlfriend Jill on a move adaptation of her 1994 book Chelsea Girls. The book detailed her catholic upbringing in the ’60s, her life as a young lesbian, and the culture of New York City in the ’70s.

Speaking on the novelty of making her novel into a film, Eileen revealed:

“… It’s Amazon that’s producing it, so I’m going to work closely with Jill [Soloway], and her thing is to have women who wrote the book write it as if they were going to direct it, so it’s not off the table that I would direct it, but it’s probably not likely. It does make me think about directing my next film. I wanted to say, too, about film and writing and how I became an artist, I didn’t have access to experimental poetry and writing when I was a kid, but I did have access to art films. I grew up near Cambridge, Massachusetts, and I saw those really important, weird movies. Because I think for my generation there was like Mad Magazine, Twilight Zone, and then there were, like, art films. And music, and rock ‘n’ roll, too. And those media were all kind of like the gateway into the art world for so many of us. So it’s interesting to think about what the Internet provides now, for a generation. It’s sort of like you have access to everything.”

As of now, the author is in the process of writing the film’s screenplay. Considering Amazon has put out a lot of great content over the past few years, I have high hopes for this project.

Ellen Page Protests Muslim Ban

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Sorry to all you Justin Trudeau fans out there, but I’d be 100% fine if Ellen stole his job and became Canada’s Prime Minister. I’m confident the actress would somehow save us from this dumpster fire and everything would be magical.

Fantasies aside, Page took to Los Angeles’ LAX airport earlier this week to protest Donald Trump’s harmful and RIDICULOUS muslim ban. The beloved celesbian shared a ton of videos from the protest, which you can check out below:

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LAX right now #nobannowall

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For those who missed last week’s round-up, you can relive Ellen shutting down a homophobic preacher at the Women’s March HERE.

Australian Bachelor Alums Face “Fake” Relationship Claims

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Maybe it’s just me, but I find it kind of gross when people feel compelled to out someone’s relationship and sexuality as “fake”.  First off, it’s weird to publicly comment on the sexuality and life of a person you don’t know. Two, what constitutes a fake same-sex relationship? I missed that class in college.

Before I get into the scandal, a little background — in 2016, Tiffany Scanlon and her girlfriend Megan Marx met on the Australian version of the Bachelor. During filming, the two developed a deep bond and eventually fell in love with each other. Not only have the two been inseparable ever since, but Megan just moved to Bali to live with Tiffany permanently.

Unfortunately for the pair, their former costar Keira Maguire called the relationship “fake” and a “publicity stunt” in a recent interview.

In response to Keira’s doubt, Megan expressed her frustrations to the Daily Mail, venting:

“I haven’t heard from Keira since we were filming, but I genuinely wish her the best and hope she can see that even comments made whilst drunk and loose-tongued can also cause a lot of harm. Not just to my relationship, but to a community of women who are straight-presenting in image (don’t meet societies stereotypical standard “look” of same-sex-attracted), and are struggling with their sexuality.”

Following Marx’s comments, her gf took to Instagram to share her side of the drama:


Wow… it’s pretty disturbing to hear some of the comments these two get on a daily basis. Hopefully the ladies’ pleas will quell the backlash.

St. Vincent Has Super High Hopes For Her Next Album

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St. Vincent is back with a vengeance!

In conversation with FACT magazine, the singer revealed her next record will be her best one yet. Considering its been three years since Annie Clark released her last album, I think it’s safe to say her fans are ready for something amazing.

Elaborating on her artistic process this time around, she explained:

“I needed to have something very worthwhile to say on a record. I used to be a little more utilitarian about it, but it takes time to cultivate (something worthwhile). Based on the amount of material I have, I could have put out three records by now. But I needed this one, especially with where we are in the world, to be the best thing that I’ve ever done by leaps and bounds. And that takes time. That’s something I’ve never really given myself, but it was nice. Now I’m ready to get back in the ring, so to speak, because I get twitchy if I’m not doing a lot of things.”

Keep your eyes peeled, people.

P.S. In my third round-up this month,  I’ll cover Annie’s self-directed horror film (The Birthday Party) which is set to debut on February 17.

Portia De Rossi Gets A Sweet Birthday Shoutout From Wife Ellen DeGeneres

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BREAKING NEWS: Ellen and Portia continue to embody #wifegoals.

On January 31, Ms. DeGeneres took to Instagram to wish her wife a happy 44th birthday. As expected, the message was absolutely adorable:

P.S. remember when we covered Ellen’s birthday last week? It’s crazy Ellen and Portia’s birthdays are just five days apart — their aquarius game must be strong.

… and I’m out! Share your thoughts in the comments and let me know what I may have missed!

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