It’s official: Callie’s girlfriend isn’t walking away this time

Oh, Grey’s Anatomy. Every time I think I have quit you, you pull me back in.

StuntDouble shared the rumor a few months ago that Jessica Capshaw was in final negotiations to become a regular cast member on Grey’s Anatomy.

Yesterday, Ausiello confirmed that this time, Callie’s girlfriend will be around for a while. Capshaw just signed on to be a full-fledged series regular.

With this announcement, Dr. Arizona Robbins becomes the only lesbian series regular on primetime broadcast. And a lovely one at that.

I admit that I didn’t think I’d ever recover from Erica Hahn’s unceremonious departure from Grey’s.

But Calzona has restored my faith that Shonda Rhimes might actually make good on her promise to give Callie (Sara Ramirez) a good relationship.

Callie will, however, have to say goodbye to a previous love, George O’Malley.

Ausiello also confirmed Wednesday that openly gay T.R. Knight is indeed leaving Grey’s. No confirmation on the specifics of George’s exit, but since he flat-lined at the end of last season, he likely has joined Denny and Dr. Ellis Grey and the parade of Seattle Grace characters that died while the doctors were having sex in the laundry closet. In any case, we wish T.R. well.

Are you happy Dr. Robbins will be around next season? Or, as Ausiello asked, “are you still holding out hope that Dr. Hahn will one day escape from Seattle Grace’s parking lot?” Do you think Callie will be happy at last?