“Dollhouse” gets ready to go gay

In a world where a human’s mind can be erased and reprogrammed with an infinite number of personalities, you’d think at least one of them would turn out to be gay, right? Well, Dollhouse fans, your wait for its big gay moment may soon be over.

Series star Eliza Dushku told MTV blog Hollywood Crush that a there would definitely be storylines following gay and lesbian characters in the show’s second season. Can I get a hell yeah?

Eliza also dropped more hints about both the new season and the first season’s elusive, unaired thirteenth episode. The latter, she said, takes place in a post-apocalyptic world showing what the Dollhouse “can and would evolve to.” Also, expect the return of doll-gone-demented Alpha (Alan Tudyk) and the possibility of a appearance by fellow Whedonverse alum Nathan Fillion (Firefly, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, Castle).

No word as yet to who would be involved in the queer storylines. So, obviously, from now until the high-concept sci-fi series returns to Fox Sept. 18, we can engage in one of every gay gal’s favorite hobbies: fantasy lesbian coupling.

Who would you like to see get her gay on in the Dollhouse and who with?

Option 1: Echo and Dr. Saunders

Their chemistry was apparent in the pilot episode. Bonus points for the possibility of elaborate games of “doctor.”

Option 2: Echo and DeWitt

With Olivia Williams’ fencing abilities and Eliza’s residual Faith knife skills, they’re a match made in stainless steel heaven. Parry parry, thrust thrust, indeed.

Option 3: Sierra and November

The two wronged-by-men dolls can find solace with each other, and the communal showers.

Option 4: Sierra and anyone female

Did I mention I’ve developed kind of a crush on Dichen Lachman? Because I have.

So, are you excited about Dollhouse’s coming out, so to speak? Oh, the possibilities.