“Guiding Light” mini-cap 6/19: Rafe Knows

Rafe walks up to Otalia demands to know what is going on. “Champagne, Ma?” (What is up with the “Ma”? Is this GL or Little House on the Prairie?)

Liv starts to speak, but Rafe puts on his prison persona and cuts her off. Natalia spanks him for speaking to Olivia like that. Have some respect.

Rafe asks how he is supposed to respect his elders, go to church. Rafe asks what’s going on? A Guiding Light-bulb moment. Rafe knows.

How long were they going to pretend Otalia were just friends. Knowing Olivia’s reputation, Rafe wants to believe Olivia forced her. Now, Rafe, that may be how they do it in prison, but not in Otalia-ville. Rafe asks if this is some itch she needs to scratch? No, the only irritation around here is you.

If he is old enough to ask the question, then he is old enough to hear the answer. She is in love with Olivia. Rafe can’t hear any more and walks away. Natalia tries to keep up but that small tent she wearing holds her back.

He can’t believe his mom loves Olivia in that way. Olivia makes her feel good about herself. It feels so right; she needs her. Rafe believes Olivia must have something on Nat. Well, we can attest it’s not her lips!

Rafe can’t reconcile this and his religious teachings. All those years on his knees. OK, I’m not touching that one. He tells Otalia to go to hell. I’m pretty sure they are already there.

Olivia is at Towers drinking her dinner of infused olives. Talking to anyone but Doris would betray Natalia, so Olivia’s off on a snipe hunt.

Doris sighs, and removes her headphones. This is supposed to be her alone time. Her downloaded episodes of Bad Girls have to wait. Liv explains she and Nat got excited and Rafe saw them close together. Doris, rises, you got excited? Wait, how close?

Doris knows this is no way for Rafe to find out, though it will be a wonderful way for her to spend her alone time later. Doris admits she’s been waiting for the perfect moment to tell Ashlee, but it’s never come.

Enter Ashlee. She says she is sorry to interrupt, she thought the two of them would be alone. Huh? Is this a one-take soap gaffe, or does Ashlee really know about her mom’s propensity toward hats and assumes DOlivia may have something going? Hmm.

Rafe shows up at Frank’s and asks if he can stay with him for awhile. Great, we have been waiting all this time for Otalia to live together, and we get Rank instead. This stinks!

Olivia walks up to Nat. How’s Rafe? Angry and confused. Olivia asks Nat what this means for the two of them. Everyone say it with me: I don’t know. Back to folding laundry.

Frank is going over the Rank rules. Natalia calls and wants to speak with Rafe. Frank lies and says he left. Franks says Rafe is hurt and confused and he accuses Nat of not thinking. Hello kettle, meet pot.

Olivia runs into Fr. Ray. Olivia thanks the padre for supporting her and Natalia’s relationship. Oh no, here it comes — we’re about to go on a guided cruise down the River Styx.

Father Ray doesn’t support their relationship. Their so-called love is a victim of circumstances dictating their actions. Liv bristles and says the church shouldn’t tell Natalia what to do, remember choice? Father Ray says making decisions in the midst of turmoil leads to bad choices. He leaves Olivia to plan a DOMA rally.

Natalia goes to Rank’s place. This morning Rafe made Frank breakfast. What a cute couple. Frank lectures Nat. He accuses her of being wrapped up in her little world with Olivia and not considering Rafe. He tells her she doesn’t appear to be herself anymore. Shut the Frank up!

Olivia meets Nat in her office. Natalia say she doesn’t know if Rafe will ever be OK with this. Olivia wants to know what this means for them. Echo. Continuing down the “please everyone else before we please ourselves path”, Natalia points out how their relationship must be perceived by others. Who the Frank cares?

They know this is real, but others believe they’re together because of the situations that have transpired, Gus dies, Gus’ heart transplanted into Olivia, Nat nurses Olivia, Rafe goes to prison. Sounds like a normal day in Springfield to me.

Liv agrees about the public perception of their circumstances. They want everyone to know that without the drama, they would still choose each other. So, here is the first sequence of the Sapphic samba, where no one leads and each partner takes a step back.

Natalia quits her job with some inane cover story that she is unsatisfied with her inability to advance. Maybe it’s because she is never actually at work.

They justify why they can’t see each other as much. They will be together because they want to, not because of the drama. This is GL — if they wait until there is no drama, then September will have come and gone.

Olivia is alone at Towers drinking her lunch. Are olives fruits or vegetables? Either way she seems to be getting her recommended daily allowance, and there she is, wearing a feigned hat.

Rafe wants to know why Nat isn’t at work. She thinks she will try something different. Rafe is a smart ass and says she has been trying many different things lately. Natalia says she expects him to be angry, but she’s still his mother. Show her respect. He says she’s not the mother he thought he knew.

For obvious reasons, I refuse to recap Lance-alot Matt and his two-wheeled extension of himself. Oy vey! Otalia rides tandem.

Olivia runs into Frank at the mini-mart. They exchange Rafe birthday pleasantries until Frank suggests “time and space with Natalia” is an excellent choice in gifting for Olivia. OK, Mr. Manners — but what if Nat needs her?

Nat and Rafe are eating birthday dinner. Earlier, they made their traditional sugar-free cake. Rafe is struggling with Otalia and wonders if Nat’s religious beliefs are still the same. Yes, God loves her no matter who she loves. Perhaps they could all have dinner together and he can see. Rafe gets uncomfortable and leaves. Happy birthday, Rafael. Natalia is reminded childbirth is merely the initial pain of motherhood.

Olivia and Emma bring Rafe’s gift. Rafe left already, but Nat wants them to stay. They put the candles on Rafe’s cake. Make a wish Otalia fans, because no kiss before Nat leaves would just blow.

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