This Is Why We Need More Gay Couples in TV Ads

Hallmark/Lesbian Couple Commercial
Hallmark/Lesbian Couple Commercial

The first time I saw a lesbian couple in a TV commercial was an IKEA ad a couple of years ago. I remember it took me a while to understand the existing love connection between the girls because they made them look like roommates at first glance. However, after watching the commercial several times, I realized that a romantic relationship was definitely implied.

Catching a lesbian couple in a commercial, or an ad, is like buying a new car. Before you buy it, you don’t really notice how many of them are already circulating on the streets. But once you own it, you see them everywhere. Just kidding, it’s nothing like that.

Whenever I see a lesbian or a gay couple on a TV commercial, I think: “Yay! Equality! Finally.” Unfortunately, most major brands tend to include gay couples when they think they could benefit the most from it. For example: Valentine’s Day or Pride.

A few weeks ago, Lexus decided to air a commercial featuring a gay couple throughout ABC’s transmission of When We Rise. The ad opens on a handsome, successful man rowing as the sun comes up. He later suits up to go to work, but before heading out, he says goodbye to his beautiful husband.

Now, placing a commercial geared towards the LGBT community during a TV show that tells the story of Gay and Civil rights is no coincidence, and while I applaud Lexus for being “ahead of the curve,” I can’t help but ask, why don’t they do this more often? Instead, the company has chosen to air the straight version of the same ad nationwide.

However, there are other big companies that are definitely stepping up, like Campbell’s. Earlier this year, the canned soup mogul published a commercial featuring a lesbian couple that we are all too familiar with: Jill Sloane Goldstein and Nikki Weiss (The Real L Word).

The 25-second clip, hashtaged “RealRealLife,” aims to describe the campaign’s primary slogan: “Campbell’s. Made for real, real life.” The ad opens with Nikki saying, “Babe, I’m making soup. Do you want any?”  Jill replies, “No, thanks. I have a salad.” Fast-forward to the two of them eating their meals sitting on the couch in front of the TV, where Jill inevitably steals some of Nikki’s delicious chicken noodle soup. Just like real life, right?

As a married lesbian woman, I can certainly identify with Nikki and Jill’s “real life moment.”

Unfortunately, there are those who can’t.

“LGBT are all birth-defects caused by jacked-up sex hormones. Homofascists have been trying to force everyone to think that LGBT is normal,” David Williams commented on Campbell’s Soup YouTube channel. “LGBT is not normal, and never will be, no mater how many heterosexual women pretend to be lesbian in a commercial because real lesbians would look butchy, because a commercial will not cure a birth-defect.”

LGBT supporters immediately came to the rescue.

L. Ingersoll: Man, look at the hateful idiots all going to get different soup because they need their safe space. Hint: the queers are everywhere, no soup is safe.

Alejandromolinac: Yeah. I am queer and this is beyond pandering…It’s insulting.

L. Ingersoll: Going by that, every single commercial ever with a straight couple is pandering.

Alejandromolinac: I know right…Cause couples is the only way to advertise…Besides I only notice men anyways.