Lez Dish It OUT! AfterEllen’s Weekly LGBT Round-Up

Photo: New York Magazine, Instagram, Vogue Italia, Out Magazine, Air & Space Museum, Nordstrom
Photo: New York Magazine, Instagram, Vogue Italia, Out Magazine, Air & Space Museum, Nordstrom

Happy Friday, ladies! This week I have news on everything from Supergirl‘s beloved lesbian ship to the latest on Beth Ditto’s exciting solo career. Settle in and lez get to it!

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Beth Releases The First Single From Her Solo Album

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Ms. Ditto is officially ready to her own thing. Last Thursday, the queer singer announced her plans to go solo, a move which may feel bittersweet for Gossip fans. Either way, Beth’s first solo album Fake Sugar is set to drop on June 16 and the project is already available for pre-order.

This past Monday, the 36-year-old the first single off the record, an upbeat homage to retro rock ‘n’ roll aptly titled Fire.

The rocker also released her cover art for the project:

Photo: Beth Ditto
Photo: Beth Ditto

Oh, and this is possibly a snippet from Fire‘s future music video:

What do you guys think?

Chyler Leigh & Floriana Lima Discuss Supergirl Lesbian Relationship

While I admittedly don’t watch Supergirl, I know a lot of AE readers love their Sanvers ship. It genuinely makes me happy to see the storyline receiving a lot of positive feedback and professional accolades.

At the GLAAD Media Awards this past weekend, Chyler (Alex Danvers) and Floriana (Maggie Sawyer) spoke out on their TV romance and why they’re so “proud” of the relationship. The two attended the ceremony in honor of Supergirl‘s nomination for “Best Dramatic TV Show”.

Lima: “We’re just really humbled by it, very proud of it.”

Leigh: “There was no way we would have known the impact that this would have had. We definitely wanted it to be a strong representation, and that’s why we’ve thought so hard about it and wanted it to be beautifully done, so I’m just really happy with the writers of Supergirl, who have really brought this to life. People are so used to just the cut-and-dried comic book kind of storyline. The great thing about Supergirl is that we’re reaching a lot of social issues [and] we’re doing it in a way that is recognized by people who love the comic book lore and that kind of stuff … For us to be able to take that on in that environment, and like kick people’s a–, and give a peck on the cheek and just say, hey, I’m finding out more about me because of you. It’s a love story, and it’s beautiful.”

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Ellen Page & Janet Mock Chat About LGBTQ Visibility

Photo: Out Magazine
Photo: Out Magazine

In an exclusive for Out Magazine, Ellen and Janet discussed coming out in the media, LGBTQ representation, and how religion is often used to excuse bigotry.

Ellen on prior to coming out:

“I was wearing dresses and heels and all these things that I’m not comfortable in. How absurd to think that, Oh, you’re not gay because you’re wearing dresses and heels. But that’s what it comes down to. Of course I have that fear. I look back now and I almost feel shame for having that fear. I definitely wish I’d come out sooner, but you’re sort of constantly surrounded by that fear.”

On telling Laurel Hester & Stacie Andree’s story in Freeheld:

“… But first and foremost, I just felt so grateful to be a part of telling their story. There was a time when being out just felt impossible — I would use that word. I have been inspired by people like Stacie and Laurel  — their story was a big part of my life. I think that came up when I was maybe 21 and I was very closeted. I remember watching the short documentary that the film is based on and just being moved to tears. It was such a beautiful experience to be there, to be out, to be playing that character, to be telling a story that moved me so greatly and inspired me — and to be doing that with a woman that I looked up to and admired so much. I guess my big takeaway is that it’s people like Stacie and Laurel that have allowed me to have the life that I have and allowed me to be out and doing the job that I have. I’m so grateful for that experience, for being a part of the inspiration. It doesn’t feel impossible anymore”

You can read the full discussion HERE.

Rupert Sanders Breaks His Silence On Kristen Stewart

Photo: CG Cinéma
Photo: CG Cinéma

I’m actually shocked Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted about this yet.

For the first time ever, Sanders opened up about having an affair with Kristen during the 2012 filming of Snow White and The Huntsman:

“You never know what’s coming in life. Around every corner there’s something unexpected, and that’s life. You just have to brush yourself off and continue moving forward the best you can. Everyone makes mistakes. I am bound to make more mistakes, and I wouldn’t expect my life to be exciting if I didn’t … If you took people off the table for a momentary lapse, there would be no one making art.”

Yep, Rupert sounds like a really stand up guy.

On a brighter note, this week Chanel unveiled their GABRIELLE bag campaign starring Stewart. Prepare yourself for lesbian chic overload:

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