Emily Bruni plays a power lesbian on “Personal Affairs”

One of the BBC Three’s newest hit shows is called Personal Affairs. The series follows around four different personal assistants as their lives revolve around their bosses and searching for their missing best friend. (Do they have more hours in a day over in Scotland? Wow, they must be busy.)

English actress Emily Bruni plays Rachel Klein, lesbian investment banker, and boss to one of the main characters, Nicole (Maimie McCoy). She also happens to have a crazy Amy Winehouse hairstyle.

Watch a preview of the show here and look for the two women being harassed by a group of men. Yup, the flasher with the bee hive is our gal:


Rachel is definitely not going to put up with anyone’s crap, as Bruni noted in a press release: “Rachel does behave like a man sometimes. She’s highly predatory, but in not in an indirect way like women are. She is pretty blatant and touches bottoms and makes lewd comments. She’s like a lad basically, a Latin-talking lad.”

Bruni also calls her character a “mad upper-class lesbian who wears vintage Chanel.” Sounds kind of familiar.

Also on her character, she notes:

We wanted Rachel to look posh and imperious but slightly slutty — although she’s not a sexy person at all.

Definitely sounds like a bit of a free spirit and also a power lesbian to me, although she also seems to have a great working relationship with her PA. She’s also is in a monogamous relationship with her long-time partner, so she sounds like a very strong character, to say the least.

AfterEllen.com reader Plastic Venus said Rachel’s sexuality was revealed when her PA called her “Lez-Boss” jokingly. She also noted that all four bosses had a dream sequence-type scene in which they looked at their personal assistants through a fantasy-lense, and Rachel saw Nicole in “a garden of Eden” that was very “Botticelli-esque.”

Nicole, Rachel’s assistant

While it’d be great to see more character development of Rachel on Personal Affairs, Bruni just signed on to play a gay character in the film Secrets Of Love, which starts shooting in New Orleans next spring.

“It’s a dark strange story, a thriller about a very corrupt cop played by Malcolm McDowell. And yet again I am playing a lesbian who is slightly on the edge,” Bruni said. However, she’s not posh and she’s in a very different world to Rachel. There definitely won’t be big hair and vintage sugar-mouse-pink Chanel miniskirts in that one!”

Are you watching Personal Affairs? Does it sound like something you might be into?