TV Alert: “Better Off Ted” returns tonight

While ABC is airing the last episodes of some shows we’re sad to see go, the network decided to remind us that it hasn’t lost its mind completely by airing new installments of Better Off Ted, starting tonight.

The workplace comedy, which features No. 1 hottie Portia de Rossi as the ultimate no-nonsense boss, didn’t wow me at first, but I kept watching out of a sense of lesbian loyalty.

I’m glad I did because once I got past Ted himself (I still don’t much care for him) I loved it. Better Off Ted is surely one of the funniest comedies on summer TV.

Here’s the latest trailer:


Ted hasn’t yet gotten the kind of ratings it deserves — and that nearly kept it from renewal. But ABC had a moment of clarity and decided to give the show another season. If you saw the repeat episode last week, you know why Better Off Ted deserves a chance to succeed.


As Veronica, de Rossi not only rocks a power suit, but also is very, very funny. I’m happy we get to see more of her comedic skills in the next few weeks — and again next season.

Will your summer viewing include Better Off Ted? If you’re a Ted fan, tell us why you love it!