‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap S7 E11: Playtime

We pick up right where we left off in the winter finale, with Spencer in an ambulance en route to the ER after being shot by Jenna (we assume). While in the ambulance, Spencer is being questioned by the EMT. Conveniently, he asks her who her mother is to ensure she is conscious and aware of her surroundings. Sorry mister EMT, that’s a bit of a loaded question. The rest of the Liars are in the hospital speculating over what Noel’s death means, when the doctors wheel Toby in on a stretcher. In case you forgot, Toby and his finance were on their way out of town when they wrecked their car because of a deer.

Fast forward one week and we catch up with everyone all over again. Toby and Aria are chatting about Yvonne, who is in a medically induced coma. Spencer must have recovered quickly from her gunshot, because we catch up with her practicing her breaking and entering skills. Aria has a bag packed about to leave the house when Ezra shows up and asks where she’s going. She tells him she wasn’t sure if she should stay at the house, but he takes her bag and puts it away. Hanna and Caleb are in bed together, and she pinches him to make sure he’s real. Itching to put herself in danger yet again, Hanna proposes they two go searching for Hanna. Caleb encourages Hanna to focus on herself and her fashion career while he works on finding Jenna.



Paige and Emily are receiving a toast as it’s announced they’ve both earned positions at the high school. Emily is the new swim coach, and Paige is the new Supervisor of the Athletic Department. Alison shows up and tells Emily she’s already been to the doctor, and also questions Paige’s presence at the school. When she finds out Paige has been hired there, Ali storms out. This love triangle is complicated to say the least, and at this point I’m not sure if I’d choose either of Paige or Ali for Emily’s happily ever after. Paige is too bitter, Ali is too needy, and Emily needs someone who is safe and has less of an ego.

Image via Entertainment Weekly

As Aria and Ezra are filling each other in on their time apart, Aria receives an SOS from Spencer at the barn. The rest of the Liars are there standing around a special delivery package from A.D., who they were hoping was Noel. Oh Liars, don’t you know better by now? They open the package, discovering some sort of board game featuring the town of Rosewood and the Liars as the players. The board comes to life with a screen that flashes “Endgame Bitches.” The Liars sit around the game doing what they do best, speculating over what the game means, and who A.D. is. An agreement is made that none of them will play the game. We’ll see what happens though, because we all know how well each of these ladies keeps her word.

Everyone goes their own way after the playtime pow wow. Aria and Hanna talk about the fate of Aria’s engagement, and Hanna encourages her that Ezra will choose their marriage in the end. Ezria is just as damaged as always, and I’m sure we won’t find out the fate of their relationship until the finale. Alison and Emily discuss Paige and the status of Alison’s pregnancy, and Emily reassures her that she will support whatever decision Alison makes about the baby.