Pretty Little Liars Recap: S7 E12 “These Boots Were Made For Stalking”


We never really find out if Addison is, in fact, part of ¬†this all, but A.D. helps Emily regardless, in turn encouraging her to lean in to her darker, manipulative side. The game shows Emily a security video of Addison in her boyfriend’s care during the same time she’s supposed to be at swim practice but went home with a headache.

Emily takes the evidence to confront Addison in person, but Paige interrupts them and has in fact handled the situation herself. Paige had the principal perform an inquiry, and discovered an email of Addison bragging to her peers about disposing of Emily, so her father was waiting for her in the office. See Emily, you don’t have to play the bag girl game to sort out your problems, sometimes you can trust that people really will pull through for you.


Once Spencer gets back home, her mother reveals that they have decided to sell their house, leading to an emotional discussion largely spent talking at Spencer’s back. I completely understand Spencer’s shock and frustration at this recent revelation regarding her biological parentage, but, as a coparent of an adoptive child, I do wish she’d begin to choose her words carefully about who is and isn’t her actual mother. Mrs. Hastings is her parent in all the ways that matter.

Mona and Hanna also see Jenna, who is wearing a white version of the same dress Catherine has chosen to wear. Caleb confronts Jenna while Hanna sneaks in to the shoe cobbler’s shop where Jenna had sent her minions to likely copy yet another one of her designs.

Hanna gets trapped inside the shop, which has been booby trapped, but she gets a text from A.D. telling her to wait her turn. Caleb shows up and pries open the door that had locked Hanna inside, and she appears to be in shock. Doesn’t it seem like Hanna’s always getting the most brutal end of A.D.’s wrath?


Aria shows up at the place where Nicole is staying, and Holden tries to keep her from going all single white female over an article that’s been written about Ezra’s reunion with Nicole. He encourages her to give Ezra some time to come back around, but I’d rather just see a Holden and Aria coupling. Team Ezria has never really been my cup of tea.

Emily inserts her piece next to Spencer’s and it looks like the beginning of a map to part of Rosewood. Where’s our usual cryptic ending with some A.D. antics? Oh well, until next time, bitches.