“Supergirl” Recap 2.19: ‘Alex’

Maggie is working a hostage negotiation on the phone at the scene of a crime, and she’s close to talking her perp down when Supergirl swoops in to save the day. Visibly annoyed that all of her work was useless up to that point, Maggie makes some prickly comments during dinner at Alex’s house that creates tension between the two couples. Kara walks out after Maggie tells her that she’s only getting in the way of police work when she interferes, and Alex chases after her to mediate the situation. Do I sense a cat fight here? Alex has been bound to get caught in the cross hairs of Kara’s petty desire to always be the most important person in a room. Hopefully the two don’t damage the girl they both care about in the process.


Rhea and Lena discuss the business proposal, and Rhea makes dinner reservations for the two of them to continue revealing the details. Maggie finds Supergirl the next morning about Alex’s whereabouts, but she receives a phone call from her sister’s phone from a man who claims to have kidnapped Alex. The mysterious man on the phone sends Kara a picture of Alex, telling her she has 36 hours to break a man named Peter Thompson out of prison before Alex dies. And just like that the game begins. The threat to Alex’s life is either going to bring everyone together or create a permanent wedge somewhere in this power struggle.


Awaking disoriented in captivity, Alex realizes she knows who her captor is and threatens him over the camera that’s watching her. Back at the DEO J’onn refuses to negotiate with the captor on his terms, so the group scrambles to try and find Alex’s location. Maggie, always the voice of reason, chimes in by informing everyone that the first step is to find out how the ‘Ghost’ is connected to Peter Thompson.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how sharp Maggie is when she’s pushed to background support and that focus lies on her relationship with Alex rather than her depth as a singular character. It’s refreshing to watch an episode that full invests itself in this trio of strong female characters who can hold their own as equals. Now here’s to hoping they can figure out how to work together, because the last thing this show should do is constantly pit feminist figures against one another.

During dinner, Rhea relentlessly flatters Lena and brings up Lena’s mother issues with a breeze sense of snarky humor. Rhea, in turn, brings up her estrangement with her son, claiming that she lost both him and her husband. After the two bond, Rhea hands over the key concepts she had been withholding from Lena in the original proposal. Here we have to more strong women who could potentially be a lethal combination. Come on Lena, hold your own here and cling to your conscience just like you did against your mother!

J’onn, Maggie, and Kara head to prison to interrogate Peter Thompson, and Kara makes a dent in the table as she loses her temper after Peter has no answers for them. With perfect timing as usual, Winn calls in revealing that Peter Thompson has a son named Rick Malvern. Supergirl shows up at Rick’s last known residence where Rick nonchalantly confronts her with the terms of his deal. Rick allows her to see Alex on camera, but stands steady on his demands.

The group brings Rick in for interrogation, and Maggie volunteers to interrogate him as he reveals that he’s known Kara was Supergirl since the day Kara saved that baby in the car crash at the beach. Determined to get his father released from prison, Rick refuses to cooperate as Kara loses her temper yet again, but Maggie continues to keep her cool. How much longer is Maggie going to be able to hold it together here?