‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: S7 E14 “Power Play”

We have arrived at the midway point of the second half of the season, which usually means it’s time for a few big reveals, and the Liars sure don’t disappoint tonight.

Ezra finally shows up to his own home after Aria texts him about Nicole showing up and claims he’s been searching for Nicole all night after she had run away from the clinic. Since Nicole is sleeping upstairs, Aria decides to leave and sleep over at Alison’s after informing Ezra that Nicole is bound to figure out the status of their relationship when she sees Aria’s possessions and photos everywhere. Ezra proves yet again that he’s the worst fiance on the planet when he just lets her go.  This whole love triangle situation might actually be the thing that pushes Aria over the edge, because we all know damn well that her turn at the game will involve hurting Nicole somehow.

When Aria arrives at Ali’s, the two head to the kitchen for a late night snack and notice the game has somehow arrived at Ali’s house. It starts to go haywire trying to decide whose turn is next, at least according to Ali. Does anyone else find it to be weird as hell that Ali always makes these declarative statements where she knows exactly what’s going on with A.D.? It’s like her bad girl days have given her the ability to seep into the mind of the enemy.

Spencer wakes up in Detective Fury’s bed, and the only reason that might matter is if he begins to suspect the Liars during the investigation and she can manipulate him somehow. After getting home, Spencer finally comes face to face with her father and confronts him about her adoption and where he’s been since flying into Philly. Mr. Hastings claims he’s been searching for Mary Drake to ensure that he can’t do anything to hurt Spencer.


Back at the school, Paige breaks the news to Emily that the University of Iowa has offered her the Assistant Coach position that she had supposedly been skipped over for someone else. Chances are she didn’t even entertain the opportunity with the option of being in Rosewood with Paige on the table. As usual, right when the conversation gets going, Ali busts in to tell Emily that she has decided to have an abortion.



Emily offers to take Ali to the clinic to get her first pill, and she accepts. The two share a tender moment before Fury comes knocking on the door of Ali’s classroom. He breaks the news of Archer’s finger delivery to Ali, who actually looks physically nauseous over the confirmation that the police will be investing Archer’s death as a homicide. Or is that just morning sickness?