‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: S7 E14 “Power Play”

The next morning, Ezra and Aria discuss Nicole and the discover of Aria’s wedding dress while she was sleeping in their bed. He claims Nicole only expressed her desire to see Ezra happy, but there’s no way that didn’t total ruin Nicole’s recovery. This is exactly why he should have been honest from the beginning, because Ezra breaking the news of his relationship with Aria himself is far less damaging that Nicole just stumbling upon her wedding dress. What was she doing in Ezra’s closet anyway?


Hanna has a minor breakdown over the prospect of being outed for the responsibility of Archer’s murder just as the game comes back to life and makes its decision that Ali is up next. The group all agrees that they can’t make any more mistakes in the race against solving A.D’s riddle before the police solve the investigation. Hanna finds the Private Investigator’s phone number that Spencer’s dad was using and forces her to help try to find Mary Drake on their own. When they go to a house based on info from the P.I., Hanna’s mother’s ex boyfriend Ted answers the door. They’re really bringing everyone back around this season. Is Ted going to be a creep now too? He appears ignorant to who Mary Drake is and what her whereabouts are, but Mary shows up behind the door as soon as they walk away.

Aria arrives back at Ezra’s to find him on the floor picking up pages of his manuscript that Nicole had found and thrown at her parents. Apparently she not only read it, but scribbled some love notes to Ezra along the way.

After swim practice, Emily pleads with Paige to stay in Rosewood because she was hoping they could have a second chance at being together. In a display of emotional depth we rarely get to see from her, Paige explains to Emily that she doesn’t want to feel like she’s living through high school all over again watching the dynamic between Ali and Emily.

The abortion pamphlet from the clinic is hanging out of Ali’s purse, so of course Paige looks at it and gets caught by Ali, who is livid. I guess that somehow makes Paige feel better though, because a baby and an abortion is an acceptable secret for Emily and Ali to be bonding over. Later that night Paige tells Emily she has informed Iowa that she needs more time to decide on whether or not to accept the position, and they decide on a bicycle race to determine Paige’s future.


Paige lets Emily win before telling her that she has already decided to stay, and the two seal the news with a kiss. So Emily and Paige are back together, which can only mean they’re about to be in the middle of a world of trouble. We all know these two never have it easy when they’re sharing smooches. Let’s just forget all that for the moment and enjoy these two back together though. Nothing is more adorable than seeing Emily Fields happy and in love.

Ali and Aria are video chatting about the state of the game and investigation, but just as Ali takes off to get sick, A.D. hacks the video call with a threat and a file with her name on it. A.D. leads Ali and Hanna to a baby clothing store for her turn, then video chats Aria again to confront her about knocking her game piece off the board in anger and demands the two meet up immediately. What, what? These two are just going to get together for a pow wow like old friends?

While Aria goes to find A.D., because that couldn’t possibly put her in a world of danger, the game forces Ali to to scan 10 items to a baby registry. Once she completes the task, the cashier hands Ali a gift bag with a personalized necklace that she claims is from the egg donor, and it has Emily’s name on it. Suddenly, we get flashbacks of some kind of bizarre medical procedure as Ali has a breakdown in the store but still finds her puzzle piece. I guess it turns out A.D. somehow impregnated Ali with Emily’s eggs? We’ve made it people. I never thought it could get any weird, but in the final half of the final season we have officially jumped the shark and landed straight in daytime soap opera land.

Aria follows the GPS instructions provided by A.D., which lead her to a black limo that she obviously should never get into but does anyway. Once she gets in the limo, Aria comes face to face with none other than Sydney, who claims responsibility for everything A.D. has done. Sydney tells Aria that she has revealed herself to her because Aria seems desperate, which Sydney can use. As the limo rides on, Sydney reveals that someone else who is on the other end of an earpiece is actually calling the shots. She’s just another pawn in A.D.’s game also, but it’s looking like she’s a pretty big one. A.D. has Sydney inform Aria that he/she wants Aria to switch sides, because no one likes it on the losing team of a game. Aria doesn’t immediately say no, which is absolutely insane.