‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: S7 E14 “Power Play”


Ted shows up to meet Hanna and admits he lied to her about not seeing Mary Drake, who has been sleeping at his house for the last two nights. It turns out the pair were old college friends, and after Hanna and Spencer left, Mary revealed to Ted that he is in fact Charlotte’s father. Not only that, but Hanna’s bestie Lucas is was Charlotte’s childhood friend. Can I say I told you so now? I totally called Lucas’s involvement in one way or another. Maybe the Liars are all being duped by every single other friend they’ve ever had.

Back at home, Ali tells Emily that she thinks her baby actually belongs to Emily from her donation, because A.D. stole them and somehow got them implanted them into Ali. Once the dust settles in that conversation, Ali cancels her abortion appointment over the phone. I knew the Emily and Paige bliss couldn’t last for long, but this is just bonkers. Maybe Ali will have the baby and Paige and Emily will raise it together, because that wouldn’t be weird at all. I have to say, I’m a bit disappointed in the show for choosing the lesbian character for the experimental fertilized egg implantation drama. Isn’t that a big stereotypical? Maybe I’m being too sensitive, because everything that’s happening in this episode just has my head spinning. Moving on.

Spencer’s father figures out that she contacted the investigator on her own and warns her that Mary is dangerous. In a desperate move to learn the truth, Spencer threatens to leave and never come back unless he tells her everything. The last time he saw Mary Drake was when Spencer got out of rehab. A women he assumed to be Mrs. DeLaurentis but was actually Mary Drake had broken into their home to seek revenge.

Jessica had lied to Mary about Charles and came to kill Jessica, then tried to frame Mr. Hastings when he refused to help her do so. Mr. Hastings has actually known who Charlotte was the entire time, but now has decided to help his daughter instead of sit back and watch her life be threatened. Spencer, you should probably have never left your lobbying job to come back to Rosewood for Charlotte’s hearing. You had your life together girl.

The group reconvenes and confronts Aria about abandoning Ali at the baby store, and no one bats an eye when she just casually apologizes without much of an excuse. The Liars inform Aria that A.D. stole Emily’s eggs and impregnated Ali with them, which hopefully makes Aria feel like a complete piece of garbage for meeting with A.D. behind everyone’s back. Suddenly the game jumps back to life, and instead of selecting Aria for the next turn, A.D. decides to come back around to torture Hanna again. It looks like A.D. is trying to seduce Aria to the dark side by exempting her from the game while she decides. What do you think she’ll do?