“Canada’s Next Top Model” contestant gets ousted right after coming out

On Tuesday night’s episode of Canada’s Next Top Model, the contestants were put through the ringer in faux tabloid-esque interviews. They were asked questions about rumors relating to coke habits, baby bumps on the beach and other fashion world atrocities such as not recognizing Karl Lagerfeld.

Several AfterEllen.com readers let us know that Rebeccah, the 18-year-old blond tomboy from Cambridge, Ontario, was asked about a recent campaign in which she posed topless with another girl.

The “interviewer” asked her how she handled the “close quarters, girl-on-girl vibe” and she replied surprisingly truthful for a fake interview, saying: “I’m not uncomfortable with that at all, because I, myself, am a lesbian.”

The interviewers didn’t seem surprised, but said she gave a perfect answer and liked that she was so honest. (Like that wasn’t totally planned on their part.)

One of the fellow contestants said they were all taken aback, not because Rebeccah was gay, but because she “finally had the guts to come out and say it.”

Unfortunately, she was eliminated at the end of the episode, but said she was relieved because the pressure was intense and said she was going to go home and find out what she wants and what will make her happy. (I hope so, because she doesn’t look so happy in any of her pictures.)

Well, now that she’s out of the running, who are you rooting for to be Canada’s Next Top Model?