What’s Next for Elizona on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?


Eliza Minnick is no Callie Torres, but whether we all like it or not Arizona has a new love interest. However, after last week’s finale episode “Ring of Fire” the future of Elizona might be up in the air just a couple episodes after the finally consummated their relationship. The epic love story of Arizona and Callie ended in proverbial flames, and the abridged chapter that is Arizona and Eliza might have abruptly climaxed in literal ones.


Just two short episodes prior to the finale, Elizona spent what I would assume to be a sleepless night under the sheets together. Fans have been impatiently waiting for this moment all season whether they love or hate Dr. Minnick, but the scene is all but void of the steaminess these two deserve. The verbal foreplay exchanged in the elevator prior to their stay-in date carried far more weight and an actual full length scene, but the big moment was only determined to be worthy of a few flashes in bed under a Meredith Grey monologue interspersed with glimpses of several other storylines.



Unlike the buildup to the first kiss, the events leading up to Elizona’s first romp in the bedroom didn’t garner much attention over the latter half of this season of Grey’s. The few brief moments they’ve shared seem to be just lip service to remind the fans that the couple is still around, choosing instead to focus on the drama between couples like Meredith Riggs and Owen and Amelia. As a matter of fact, the writers have given Arizona little to do this season except chew scenery and constantly defend her unlikable love interest to her friends and colleagues.


The rising tension between Eliza and the rest of the doctors finally boil over in this season’s finale when Bailey fires Minnick for an oversight that almost cost Stephanie Edwards and an eight-year-old girl their lives. As passionate as Minnick is over getting Arizona naked (because who wouldn’t be?), she invests little emotionally in the doctors she works alongside, focusing instead of protocols and statistics rather than human interest and fostering relationships between doctors and patients. Eliza forgot to let the rescue team know Edwards was missing because she is indifferent over her coworkers, present romantic company exempt, but her particular drive and dedication to those methods and her patients is what has attracted Arizona from the beginning.



Minnick has now lost her job at Grey Sloan Memorial due to her lack of empathy, so is that also a death sentence for Elizona’s romance? We all know how couples who don’t roam the halls together and sneak in quickies in the on-call room fare once outside the walls of the hospital. Out of sight, out of mind on Grey’s Anatomy. Plus, will Arizona still be challenged and attracted to Elizona once she doesn’t have the excitement of bumping into her while rounding a corner or watching her school another resident on how to educate interns? Is this love or just a lusty rebound relationship?

The verdict is still up in the air on Eliza’s return for season 14, so maybe this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Dr. Minnick. Sure, she was fired, but that doesn’t historically mean goodbye for character on this show. We might get to witness Arizona in full combat mode, fighting Bailey, Webber and Avery for her girlfriend’s reinstatement on the roster. If that’s the case, things between these two might just be getting started, but is that a good thing for our Arizona?