‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap S7 E15: “In the Eye Abides the Heart”

Last week’s episode was completely bonkers, so let’s find out what happens in Troian’s directorial debut.

Ali and Emily discuss the fate of Ali’s (Emily’s) unborn baby, and the both agree that anger is the dominant emotion consuming them. Emily throws out the idea of getting a blood test to make sure.

Aria is hiding behind a dumpster video chatting A.D., who has photo shopped herself into Aria’s face. A.D. continues to threaten to expose both Aria’s and Ezra’s secrets if she refuses to play her part to end the game.

The Liars gather in the coffee shop to discuss the clues they’ve each compiled lately, and Hanna consistently defends the prospect of Lucas being involved. A.D. tries to Facetime Aria during the Liar pow wow, but she red buttons him or her. Spencer brings her new detective boyfriend a treat, and he ironically proclaims that he’d be happy if anything was inside the box she brought him. Really Detective Fury? Because last time it was a severed finger. It’s looking like Fury’s suspicion of Spencer’s involvement is finally starting to spark, because he begins dissecting the conversations they’ve had about Mary Drake.

When Aria gets home, Ezra finishes up a phone call with Nicole’s father, who requests his presence back at their house. As soon as he leaves, A.D. dials in again to reprimand Aria for sending the previous call to voicemail. A.D. interrogates Aria about Spencer and Hanna’s whereabouts when they left down to hunt down Mary Drake. Because she seems to have completely lost the ability to lie to people like she’s been doing for seven entire seasons, Aria is pressured into revealing exactly what the two found out during that trip.


Back at the school, Paige expresses sympathy over Ali’s pregnancy reveal, but of course she has no idea that the baby actually belongs to Paige. Impeccable timing as always, Ali calls in as soon as Paige walks out to confirm that she had a blood test and the baby mama is indeed Emily. On top of that, she knows for certain that the father is literally anyone in the world other than Archer.