Clea DuVull stars in the very gay “Virtuality” tonight

The two-hour pilot for the sci-fi series Virtuality airs tonight on Fox, starring Clea DuVall &#8212 which is pretty exciting since she’s hasn’t been on TV regularly since the two seasons on Carnivale. (Let’s face it — Lifetime movies, while totally addicting, just don’t cut it.)

The show is about a group of astronauts who are on a decade-long mission to the nearest star, but who spend their free time getting wrapped up in virtual reality. Random? We’ll see. Clea plays pilot Sue Parson, whose choice virtual reality activity is surfing.

You’d think the show creators would be smart enough to know viewers would prefer to see her actually surfing. You know, bikini top, board shorts, tan, ocean mist, etc. But hey, Clea’s on TV — we’ll take what we can get, right?

In a recent interview about how the show’s executive producer Ron Moore (also behind Battlestar Galactica and Carnivale) doesn’t shy away from featuring uncommon characters, such as the married gay male couple, Clea said:

If you present something like it’s totally normal, people will see it as totally normal. If you present it as it’s something really bad, people will see it as really bad. And I think the media has a big responsibility in that, because they do shape the way people see things.

She also told TV UGO:

I think it makes sense [to have gay characters] because it’s based on a lot of old ideas but fortunately with the newer generations, the fact that a gay couple is going to be on a network movie or TV show and kids get to see it like it’s totally normal is the first step to making it normal. Because unfortunately there are biases in the world. It’s all presentation — if you present something like it’s totally normal people, will see it as normal. I think the media has a big responsibility, they shape so much of that and Ron and Michael did it in a very good way.

Thanks for being so supportive of us gays, Clea!

Virtuality airs tonight at 8 p.m ET. If you watch, you’ll be in good company with Uh Huh Her who took to Twitter to suggest we tune in.

Gosh, Cam and Leisha must love her — at least one of them.