‘Pretty Little Liars’ S7 E16 Recap: “The Glove That Rocks the Cradle”

As the Liars battle their way close to the endgame, Detective Furey closes in on Spencer and the rest of the Liars as suspects in Archer’s murder. Everyone but Hanna thinks Lucas is A.D., which, as we know, means he’s likely not. Emily and Ali have decided to raise their baby, and Ezria has reunited. Let’s see how many answers (or more questions) we get with five more episodes left in Rosewood.

Spencer is being interrogated at the police station. She incessantly replies that she doesn’t recall when asked details about paying for the drinks, only making a point to mention unbuckling Detective Furey’s belt in the elevator afterwards. Furey interrupts to talk to Spencer himself, informing her that they had not yet received the credit card slips yet, but if her signature is on them she’ll immediately be arrested. I don’t think Spence is going to be able to wriggle free of this one without the help of A.D.


All aboard the baby train, Emily surprises Ali with a nursery for the baby which pieces she found in Ali’s attic. Emison fans rejoice, and Ali tells Emily she can stay with her as long as she likes. I can’t tell what’s happening here, but Emily seems ecstatic to gobble up any microscopic crumb Ali tosses to her. Ali looks a bit like she might throw up after seeing a real nursery in her home.


We catch up with Aria the morning after she receives a threatening message from A.D., angry about Aria missing a phone call the night before. Ezra and Aria’s conversation about lessons for their first dance at the wedding is interrupted by an S.O.S. from Spencer, who breaks the new to the Liars about her alcohol induced credit card mistake. The only part Hanna is shocked about is the fact Spence got drunk in the first place.

Hanna volunteers to break into her mom’s office to; steal the credit card slip and save Spencer. She has an in to disable the security camera because Caleb, of course, set them up in the first place. Just as they begin to iron out the details, the game comes to life and assigns Hanna a task to pick up A.D.’s homework at a computer repair shop.¬†Hanna and Caleb pick up a file that plays a Patsy Cline song, which brings back memories of the Liars’ time in the dollhouse.

Ezra sits down for a meeting with his publisher only to discover that they want his book tour to focus entirely on his relationship and reunion with Nicole. In fact, since few people on this show actually have a heart, she criticizes Ezra forgetting engaged to Aria before the tour. She wants Ezra to do the press tour for the book alone, and shockingly, Aria supports the concept to help the two build a better life together.

Spencer and Emily work on the nursery and the two discuss the future of Emily and Ali’s relationship for the future. Spence confronts Emily about her assumptions that Ali really wants this cookie cutter lesbian family. Going out on a limb that Furey might have a soft spot for Spencer, she shows up at his apartment. She asks Furey to let the murder investigation slip through the cracks because he cares about her and Archer deserved it, but he says no.


While he’s on the phone, she snags a digital file from his desk. It turns out the file is an interview between the police and Lucas after Charlotte’s death. It turns out, once they were alone Lucas denied to the police that he knew Hanna’s whereabouts. He tells the police that he wouldn’t be surprised if the Liars had something to do with Charlotte’s murder. The Liars begin to dispute the possibility of Lucas’s involvement, so they decide to stake out the locker for the file to see who shows up to pick it up. Meanwhile, we get a glance of Lucas in a limo glaring at the damning comic book the Liars had discovered.