‘Pretty Little Liars’ S7 E16 Recap: “The Glove That Rocks the Cradle”

Emily shows up at Ali’s house with a mobile for the nursery and confronts her about Ali’s neglect of her body for the sake of the baby. The two are interrupted by Hanna, who has received her instructions for the game. It turns out, Hanna is supposed to be both at the locker and at the Radley disabling the cameras and stealing the card slip. Just as Hanna is prepping for her task, Mona shows up at her door to find out what’s up with the game and insists on helping Hanna at the high school.

Meanwhile, Aria ditches Ezra’s first press appearance to don the black hoodie and replace the mobile above the nursery with a message for the Liars. She also completely destroys the inside of the nursery. At the high school, someone knocks Ali down while they race through the halls of the high school. Emily and Ali return home too early, interrupting Aria’s work, and Aria barely manages to hide in time. Emily is devastated, and Aria stands by observing awkwardly, looking guilty as hell.


Hanna shows up at the office and frantically rifles through her mother’s boxes. Since they’ve fun out of time, Caleb makes a split decision to ruin all of the slips so the police can’t find it either. Mona calls Hanna and reveals that she in fact was the one who ran into Ali at the school, so A.D. never actually showed up. However, Hanna does see Lucas on camera, so the girls show up to confront him. Lucas tells the Liars that he was mailed the graphic novel by A.D., so he ran back home to find the second, unfinished one that he and Charles had started but never finished. Unfortunately he’s too late, and A.D. probably sent Lucas to Radley to meet up as a distraction to get him out of the house so he/she could steal the second book.

Furey brings Spencer back in to the precinct to tell her about the flood and threaten her that he’s going to investigate the rest of the Liars for Archer’s murder. But forget about all that. When we revisit Emily and Ali trying to rebuild the damage done by Aria A.D., Emison shippers are finally given a taste of their endgame. Ali reveals that the reason none of her other relationships have worked in the fact was not in fact that they were all psychos, but rather because she has always been in love with Emily. She wants to raise the baby with Em as a couple, a family, and the two kiss.


At this point, I can’t continue to be frustrated about this union and how it bizarrely came together. Emily is the most honest, pure hearted presence on this show, and I just want to see her with someone she deserves. If Emison really is endgame, I’ll begrudgingly jump on board. But Ali is toxic, so if she screws with my girl I’m starting a petition to rewrite the end of the show. But in the meantime, every on screen lesbian moment is precious, and I’ll still watch this one on repeat.



Back at Ezra’s place, Aria reveals a cut on her arm that she received in her haste to escape Ali’s place, and after getting a text from Ezra about the press event, she breaks down into tears over her involvement with A.D. What could A.D. possibly have hanging over Aria’s head that’s so catastrophic she’d be willing to do something so disgusting to her friends? If whatever she’s hiding is the information that will land Ezra in jail, there’s only one thing to say to that: chicks before dicks girlfriend.


Episode 16 closes with a glimpse of A.D. completing Lucas and Charles’s graphic novel with a tombstone that says “Here Lies”.

Do you think a Liar’s death could be part of the endgame? More importantly, are you on Team Emison? Let me know in the comments!