‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap S7 E17: Driving Miss Crazy

Ashley Mirren shows up at Hanna’s for a surprise visit and decides to persuade Caleb into making a pronouncement of his commitment to Hanna by asking to marry her. Obviously their future has always been a given, but I wish this speech had been prompted by something other than pressure from Mommy Dearest.

Suddenly, we come back from a commercial break to a full on black and white prison musical, featuring Aria in a veil and Ezra donning a jumpsuit and facing jailhouse abuse. This might be the most absurdly ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen on PLL, and that’s saying a lot. Once she wakes up from her jailhouse lullaby, Aria seems to finally realize how incredibly selfish she’s been in manipulating the lives of others for her own benefit. Just in time, A.D. texts to inform Aria that her reward for her heinous work is waiting for her in The Brew. I never how grateful I should be that PLL never cashed in on the musical episode trend.


The powerhouse pretend lesbians show up again to confront the good doctor with some personal mail, so they convince him to tell the girls the identification information he has.

Spencer arrives home to see her parents reading the letter from Mary Drake, and as she’s confronting her father for his involvement in Mrs. D’s death, he inadvertently reminds that that she’s more or less done the same thing with Archer. Spencer returns to the hotel to rekindle some mother daughter bonding with Mary Drake, but informs her that she needs to stay in Rosewood with her parents until everything is resolved.

Instead of being gifted with the police report she never filed, Aria discovers her gift is her own piece of the puzzle for the game. Armed with her new favorite piece of clothing, Aria snaps her piece of the puzzle in place and finally received her full prize. But it doesn’t look like the full set of documents she was expecting.

Apparently Hanna and Caleb are campers now, because Caleb finds it necessary to “stay off the grid”. While the two get cozy in a tent, they exchange cigar labels as rings in their own personal marriage ceremony. Oh Haleb, you are the best straight couple on this show.

Mona fends off an eager Emily from entering her apartment to go over some baby daddy evidence, and when she slips inside we find out why. Her office is plastered with A.D. material. A print out of the game board, mug shots, police files, maps, it’s a total Liars lair. We have three more episode left before the end game though, so is Mona involved or just obsessed? If it is Mona, at this point I almost don’t blame the poor girl.


See you next week, bitches.