Wynonna Earp S2.E1 Recap: Operation Save Dolls

As the Internet has pretty much figured out, Wynonna Earp is kind of like the anti-Buffy Summers: whereas Buffy was a “good girl,” Sunnydale southern California-based cheerleader who finds out that she is the heir to a long spiritual lineage of vampire (and other demon) slayers, Wynonna is a middle of nowhere, arctic Purgatory-based “bad girl” figure who is the heir to gunslinger Wyatt Earp’s curse of having to kill 77 demons (called Revenants because they are the demonic form of men that Wyatt killed).

Both carried the day with the help of a gang of supporters (the Scooby gang, in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) who served to provide backup and guidance. The unintentional similarities between them doesn’t diminish “Wynonna Earp,” however; there’s a reason “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was an iconic show of the 2000s and went six seasons. It represented the zeitgeist of the early 2000s, just as “Wynonna Earp” in many ways represents the anti-hero, anti-establishment sentiment of the 2010s.

The Little Show That Could has tons of things that commend it: good scripts, a fun plot, a cast that’s super engaged with their fans, an awesome showrunner (Emily Andras) and most of all—at least for us—WayHaught, the adorable relationship between Waverly Earp and Officer Nicole Haught. Let’s pause for a moment and recognize that while Willow and Tara were holding hands and singing about metaphorical sex, #wayhaught is an actual dedicated section on syfy.com’s “Wynonna Earp” page, right after the cast tab. There’s no section for the Wynonna-Doc Holliday-Deputy Marshall Dolls love triangle, for the record. That’s how supportive the show is of its lesbian pairing, and that’s how popular WayHaught is among the fans.



But if you watch this show, and I’m sure you do, you know all that. So, when last we left, Wynonna had just killed her own long-lost sister Willa to save her from being eaten alive by a giant worm snake thing and stop a Hellmouth opening up in Purgatory, Doc was literally touched by an angel (Purgatory is the battleground between heaven and hell, physically and scripturally, right?), Dolls was letting his inner demon out, Bobo–the season’s “Big Bad”–finally got dusted, and Nicole became The Lesbian Who Lived because apparently no other lesbian TV characters have thought to wear bullet proof vests (it was unintentional, but nevertheless a strike back against Bury Your Gays).

Oh right, and also Waverly was all like, “Oh hey, nasty goey black stuff. I should touch it because that’s definitely what one should do to demonic worm blood. Probably this won’t end badly.” And as one might expect, she promptly got taken over by some demon thing and pulled a gun on Wynonna. Or as I would bet, rather than being possessed, the worm goo or whatever it was actually woke something latent in her. As Bobo said, she’s not an Earp. Half Revenant, anyone? Cue season 2!


Literally this is why you don’t touch demon goo.

We start season two with Waverly and Doc running through Purgatory’s snowy woods. It turns out that what looked like Waverly pulling a gun and taking a shot in the direction of Wynonna and Doc was actually just trick of the camera angle. In fact, Waverly tried to shoot something behind Doc. Psych! To be precise, it was a big ugly thing with no eyes and big teeth, and she must have missed, based on the fact that it’s definitely not dead as it closes in on Waverly and Doc. Wynonna dispatches it handily with Peacemaker, however. Apparently now in addition to Revenants coming to Purgatory, a whole bunch of other monsters have come through the Hellmouth and want to play. This opens the show up to more possibilities (and the comic certainly didn’t confine itself to just Revenants), but also makes it a lot more like “Buffy,” for better or worse. Wynonna, Doc, and Waverly walk away from the dead monster in slow motion because that’s what you do when you’re a modern gunslinger.



"America, heck yeah!" *filmed in Canada
“America, heck yeah!” (filmed in Canada)

Meanwhile, in a secret US government facility, Dolls succeeds in getting the nuclear tipped Tomahawk strike called off Purgatory (TIL, the US arsenal no longer includes nuclear-tipped cruise missiles), but he’s still getting locked away, with a gratuitous cattle prod to the stomach to remind him who’s boss. It’s the angry blonde woman. That’s who’s the boss. Agent Lucado.

At the Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Nedley manages to smoke and mirror away the events of “I Walk the Line” by telling reporters that Bobo was Wynonna’s jilted lover and that he poisoned the town to win her back. It’s “fake news,” but you have to admit that it would actually make some logical sense if you didn’t know your town was basically a Hellmouth for the 77 Revenants. Nedley tells Wynonna she “might be the hero Purgatory deserves, but just not the one it needs right now,” which is a super backhanded not at all compliment.

Wynonna discovers that the Black Badge Division has swept in and is sanitizing all of Dolls’ workspace, so she sets off to find out where Dolls lived, which turns out to be a motel occupied by Tamsin from “Lost Girl.” Which of course necessitates a half-naked wrestling match. Because why wouldn’t you do that if you were Emily Andras? “Contributes to the plot.” Actually, I love it because at ClexaCon Andras was asked whether she’d have Rachel Skarsten on “Wynonna Earp” based on their work together on “Lost Girl,” and it’s great to see they enjoy working together so much that they did reunite on “Wynonna Earp.”



Why do you ask if I met a guy named Wolverine?

Tamsin, I mean Eliza, is Dolls’ partner, and she’s never heard of Wynonna. “Well, you have amazing taste in underwear,” Wynonna replies, because really, what else can you say when straddling a half-naked woman whose room you broke into? And speaking of straddling, Waverly is applying some wound cream to where Willa’s bullet struck Nicole’s chest and trying to start some half-naked wrestling of her own, but Nicole pulls away with the remark that Waverly tastes different…contributing to my belief that Nicole is probably a werewolf. It’s a hunch, roll with it. Doc arrives and Nicole leaves to feed the cat because you know, lesbian. Doc wants to know how Waverly is holding up, but Waverly is doing just fine. Strong like a demon.