Pretty Little Liars Recap S7 E18: “Choose or Lose”

It turns out Ezra did know about the police report after all, and suddenly Aria decides she owes Ezra an apology for everything even though he’s spend the last year screwing her over. Mama Mirren and Caleb surprise Hanna with a shotgun wedding to ensure the couple can’t be forced to testify against one another.

All of the Liars are making last ditch efforts to solidify their loves before their 24 hours of freedom are up, so now it’s Emily and Ali’s turn. Now a full-on romantic, Ali has set up a cozy, candlelit spot in the woods for them to have a few quiet hours together. Spencer decides to take Toby up on his offer to come seek solace in the cabin. With nothing left to lose, Spence makes her move on the newly widowed mountain man.

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Cue the musical montage of every Liar making the most of their potential last night outside of a prison cell. Can’t we just keep the cameras on Emily and Ali? Say what you want about the pairing of these two (I know I sure have), but their scene together is downright sexy. Full of candles, skin, and smooches, I’ll shop Emison all day long if we get more sequences like this one. Thank you Pretty Little Liars.

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The clock has run down, and Aria is the only one who’s missing. Just as the phone asks the Liars to choose who will take the fall, Spence smashes it with a rock. But it was just enough time for Caleb to track A.D.’s location through the cell phone towers. As all this is happening, Aria decides to tell A.D. she’s turning herself in, but she’s too late. A.D. grants her unlimited freedom for her help and lights the phone on fire. I’d like to learn that trick.

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Frantically, Aria grabs her cell phone from the evidence box the police delivered and heads out the door, leaving the flaming phone on the hardwood floors. Anyone think Ezra’s house might burn down? Aria doesn’t seem to care though, because now she’s on her way to turn herself in. As she’s on her way, Aria’s car sputters to a stop and she discovers Dunhill’s dead body in her trunk just as the cops approach. Aria slams the turn closed, but I’m unsure why. If she’s trying to turn herself in, wouldn’t she want the cops to see the body? Cold feet much Aria?

Caleb and Ezra are following the cell signal, it leads to a location that appears to be coming  from right by Mona’s house. Inside, it’s impossible to tell whether Mona is studying the game or marveling at her own creation. I’m betting on the latter, because Pretty Little Liars wouldn’t make it that easy.

Do you think Mona is A.D.? Will Aria go to prison for Dunhill’s murder? Was the Emison hookup everything you hoped it would be? Let me know in the comments!