Pretty Little Liars Recap S7 E19: “Farewell My Darling”

When we last saw the Liars, Aria was scrambling to decide whether to turn herself in or try to talk her way out of a police confrontation. We arrive back in Rosewood to see Detective Tanner diligently working to obtain arrest warrants for all of the girls while Aria chickens out with Dunhill’s dead corpse in her trunk. As she drives away, Aria questions her next move while speaking to Dunhill’s lifeless body. Is this how it ends, with everyone just going absolutely batshit? I’m surprised it’s taken this long actually.


Caleb and Ezra report back to the Liars that Mona has the game in her apartment, so they’re all officially convinced that Mona and A.D. are one and the same. To easy fellas, haven’t you learned anything? The boy band is back together, and they’re looking to recruit Toby to their cause.

Once Ezra finds Aria and tries to convince her she isn’t to blame, Aria reveals that the body is in the trunk of her own car. He insists that he can fix the problem by noting his academic accomplishments, but thankfully the body has been removed, which is a bummer because I was really hoping to find out how a Masters in American Literature teaches on skills on corpse removal.

Mona arrives back home only to find the game has been removed from its hiding spot with a note in its place asking her on a date for pie. Just as Caleb and Hanna are about to confront her, Mona leaves the house and lands two married stalkers instead. While Spencer and Hanna are outside contemplating their next move, as usual, Caleb waltzes into the diner to confront the situation himself.

He sits down to have a taste of pie and confront Mona, who has officially lost her marbles. After rambling over her constant loss of the game, Mona scrambles off to a secret exit after getting another note from A.D. on her receipt. Spencer and Caleb decide to go after her together, leaving Hanna behind because suddenly Caleb refuses to allow his wife to encounter any danger.


As the Liars are brainstorming their next move, Spencer receives another note from Mary Drake. When she answers the call, Mary informs her the Lost Woods Motel has been deeded to Spencer and Alison so that they can afford lawyers for their defense. Awe, I keep forgetting these two are kind of related now. How sweet.


The cops are circling Ali’s house throughout the night as Ali and Em discuss the fate of their unborn child in the event the girls are arrested for Dunhill’s death. Emily promises she won’t let anyone her Ali or the baby, and there’s nothing like a Mama bear protecting her cubs. Little do they know, some sort of gas is leaking into the living room that puts them to sleep, and when they wake up the game is back on the table telling them they’re almost out of time. Aria and Ezra suddenly show up to pick up Ali and Emily to head out of Tanner’s jurisdiction, but they’re road blocked by some kind of checkpoint, so that option is out.

As Spencer and Caleb search for Mona, he blurts out his marriage to Hanna in an attempt to apologize for their awkward love affair, but Spencer reminds him that she treasures their time together. Good thing someone does. During all of this, Hanna actually ends up being the one to discover Mona in the steeple Charlotte was pushed from.

If there were any marbles left in Mona’s brain, they’re officially gone now, because Mona looks like a lost puppy, dressed like a high schooler again. She recalls a meet-up she had with Charlotte the night she was released from the hospital, revealing that she was actually the one who killed Charlotte. As Mona relives the event, she begins to grab Hanna as if she’s Charlotte just as Spencer and Caleb shows up. The group walks Mona out to the car only to discover two puzzle pieces hanging from the rear view mirror, which thrills gamer girl Mona.

The group reconvenes and finishes completing the puzzle with these new pieces, and their grand prize is a clue to the location of Dunhill’s body. Well, not a clue really, more like a direct guide the spot, which is new for A.D. The game leads the Liars to Aunt Carol’s house, which contained the fake grave of Charles, and now potentially the real grave of Dunhill. Aria convinces the rest of the Liars to walk away from A.D’s directions to dig up the grave and refuse to finish the game, but as soon as they do, a swarm of cops led by Detective Tanner arrives to dig up the body.